Woman ‘demands police arrest her neighbour for hanging her underwear out in the garden to seduce her husband’

A WOMAN in Mexico reportedly demanded that police arrest her neighbour for hanging her underwear out in the garden.

Yuvitza E, 42, told police that her neighbour had hung her thongs outside in a bid to “seduce” her husband.

The young woman was accused of seducing her neighbour's husband


The young woman was accused of seducing her neighbour’s husbandCredit: Getty – Contributor

When police arrived at the house in the southeastern state of Quintana Roo, Yuvitza told police she wanted to make a formal accusation against her young neighbour.

Yuvitza accused her “shameless” neighbour of breaking “good morals and decency”.

The 42-year-old explained how she had repeatedly walked in on her husband staring at the young woman’s underwear.

She said it was no coincidence that the 23-year-old washed her thongs on a Saturday – the day of the week her husband was off work.

She explained to officers that she had repeatedly asked her neighbour to stop “seducing” her husband but she kept hanging out her knickers.

According to local reports, the police had to inform Yuvitza that the young woman was not committing any crime by drying her clothes.

They also advised her to discuss the matter with her neighbour and husband to avoid future arguments.

Elsewhere in Mexico, a mum was left horrified after spotting a ghostly figure appearing to push her little girl down a slide.

Creepy footage shows a young girl hurtling down the slide at a park just as the disembodied spooky floating head shows up in the shadows behind her.

The youngster then joins her sister at the bottom of the slide, apparently unaware of the ghoulish vision behind her moments before.

Freaked out by the video, her mum shared the clip – filmed in a children’s park in the city of San Nicolas de los Garza, Mexico – online, saying it “makes her skin crawl”.

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