Who is Michael Ilesanmi’s Mistress? He Told Angela She Was Only a …

After all of that drama in Nigeria, Angela Deem says that Michael Ilesanmi cheated on her — vindicating, she felt, her controlling and abusive behavior.

While the promo for the Season 7 Tell All (which will air in four parts) yields some clues, we don’t know much.

We never heard the voice of Michael’s alleged mistress, let alone saw her or heard her side of the story.

Who is she? Here is everything that we know:

When Angela left Nigeria, things were in a “good” place. That is, things were peaceful. The only truly “good” outcome would be a breakup.

But on Episode 17, Angela had gone from hornily kissing Michael goodbye in Nigeria to looking absolutely miserable in Georgia.

She filmed this weeks later.

Angela and Michael had been communicating regularly and frequently for weeks.

According to Angela, their communications were pleasant and affectionate.

Of course, we didn’t get to hear Michael’s side in that episode. Angela’s version of events seldom matches up to reality, viewers have observed.

Producers had to coax Angela into telling them what had happened to put her in such a mood.

She accused Michael of cheating.

For years, she has accused him of cheating with no evidence. This time, she said, things were different.

According to Angela, her “friend” had sent her screenshots of texts along with some audio files from voice notes of Michael’s.

These messages (which, we have to emphasize, we have not authenticated) are apparently from Michael to another woman.

He seemingly sent some of them while Angela was with him in Nigeria. And they don’t seem like normal communications, either.

First, the content of the messages appeared to be Michael showing affection, calling her “babe” and reassuring her that he won’t leave. Nothing explicit, but still.

We did not hear anything of Michael telling this woman that he’s going to leave his wife, for example.

Instead, we hear him beg her to call him back — possibly during his time with Angela. And of course we hear his voice telling this woman that money is coming her way.

But who is Michael’s alleged mistress? We only have Angela’s word for the details.

She told the camera and her friends and family that this side piece is 31 years old. Angela said that she confronted Michael, who told her that this woman was just a “plaything.”

And it sounds like she, too, may be an American. Beyond that … we just know that she apparently wanted money, and wasn’t taking Michael’s calls while his wife was in town.

However, in the promo for the staggering 4-part Tell All special, it appears that things are different.

Angela and Michael are husband and wife. Perhaps he proved his innocence, or perhaps she forgave him. We don’t know.

The Tell All special films months and months after they stop filming (and yet still months before it airs).

But we do hear Michael assert that Angela is his wife.

And he defends her, demanding that castmate and fellow Nigerian Usman “Sojaboy” Umar respect her.

Usman declines. That is not unreasonable. Angela is what she has chosen to be, and she and Usman have a long and ugly history of feuding.

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