Who is Gustavo Petro’s wife Verónica Alcocer García?

GUSTAVO Petro, an economist, politician and ex-rebel fighter, won Colombia’s presidency on June 19, 2022.

The former Mayor of the capital Bogota is Colombia’s first left-wing president, making a major change for the South American country.

President-elect of Colombia Gustavo Petro celebrates with his wife Veronica Alcocer


President-elect of Colombia Gustavo Petro celebrates with his wife Veronica AlcocerCredit: EPA

Who is Gustavo Petro’s wife Verónica Alcocer García?

Verónica Alcocer García was born on May 26, 1976 in Sincelejo, in the department of Sucre in the north of the country.

She grew up in a well-off right-wing conservative family.

The future First Lady studied law at the Corporacion Universitaria del Caribe (University Corporation of the Caribbean) in Sincelejo, but never graduated.

Garcia was 24 when she met Petro, who had travelled to Sincelejo to give a conference at her university, in 2000.

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The young woman was struck by the politician’s intelligence.

According to an interview with Blu Radio, the pair barely exchanged a word during this first encounter, with Petro giving her a compliment before leaving.

The couple married the same year.

How long have Gustavo Petro and Verónica Alcocer García been married for?

Petro and García have been married since 2000, the year they met when he gave a lecture at García’s university.

They have been married ever since.

In a previous interview with newspaper El Tiempo‘s Bocas, García candidly spoke about being jealous in her “just married” days.

“Imagine yourself an increasingly well-known politician, how are women not going to approach him? There are people who have grabbed my husband’s member in front of me (…) Yes. It’s unfriendly, I don’t like it. (…) When I was jealous, I pouted, I changed my gesture. But not anymore. Absolutely not.”

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Do Gustavo Petro and Verónica Alcocer García have children?

Petro has five children, including three from previous relationships.

He had his eldest Nicolás Petro with childhood sweetheart Katia Burgos. Nicolás is a lawyer who graduated from the Pontifical Bolivarian University and holds a master’s degree in Climate Change in Barcelona.

Petro had two more children with ex-rebel Luz Herrán Cárdenas, Andrés Gustavo Petro and Andrea Petro.

Whilst Andrés was granted political asylum in Canada, his sister Andrea lives in France with her husband and two children.

Petro and García went on to have two daughters, Sofía and Antonella.

The president’s daughters had stayed out of public view until the election campaign when Sofia became very active in supporting her father during interviews or debates.

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First Lady García, meanwhile, also has a son from a previous relationship, Nicolás Arbeláez, who has appeared in some of the couple’s social media posts.

“My family is the source of my strength, my life and my love, my wife, my daughters and all of Colombia,” Petro previously said in a social post.

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