(Video) Erica Banks Had Work Done To Her Body & She Is Proud About It! “I Got My Body Done”

(Video) Erica Banks Had Work Done To Her Body & She Is Proud About It! “I Got My Body Done” – The Shade Room

Erica Banks got her body done, chile!! And she told the world all about it!

Erica Banks posted a voiceover video to her Instagram account where she detailed her recent trip to L.A.

During the video, she can be seen in a two-piece pink bikini, sitting by the pool. Erica made it a point to put us in her business and let us know she indeed had a little work done to her curves.

She stated:

Yes! I got my body done. Don’t ask me how much I spent…four times your rent.

Erica also posted a few photos showing off her new lewk!

Speaking of Erica Banks, she recently teased fans with a “We Go Up” cover album. Posting to Instagram, she captioned the photo with, “By popular demand. Blow up da comments purrr.”

This comes after Nicki Minaj stated she was looking for someone to join her on the remix, and all of the rap gworlz hopped in studios to show off their talents.

As you know, Erica Banks has had a lot to say about Nicki Minaj blocking her and hurting her feelings. 

Recently, she sat down with Big Facts Podcast, and stated Nicki collabs with other women who can’t rap.

Well you know, I love Nicki but I just feel like I’ve been trynna reach out to her for a long time and I just feel like she really ignored me. And I feel like she entertains the girls who really don’t even know how to rap, you know what I’m saying? And my feelings hurt.

She continued to say:

Now some people might get mad at me for saying that but it’s the truth. Everybody can’t rap, So anyway, Nicki got upset that I agreed with the person, and she said ‘Bloop, imma block you then. Since you wanna be ungrateful, imma block you.

While she didn’t specify anyone’s name, Coi Leray responded to Banks’ comments with five laughing emojis to a clip of Erica Banks airing out her frustration.

Outside of her new body and the drama, Erica Banks recently announced that she will be joining T-Pain on his ‘The Road To Wiscansin Tour,’ which will begin in May.

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