UFC champion Kamaru Usman warned he could be beaten by two title challengers

UFC champion Kamaru Usman has been warned that potential challengers Khamzat Chimaev and Leon Edwards are capable of beating him and stealing his 170lb crown.

Usman has yet to appear since outpointing leading ranked contender Colby Covington in a thrilling rematch late last year. British star Edwards is expected to be the next challenger later this summer when he has made a full recovery from hand surgery.

UFC legend Georges St-Pierre has hailed Usman’s phenomenal form since becoming champion, but believes it is harder to stay on top with contenders chasing world glory. He told MMA News : “I believe there’s a lot of guys that can beat Usman. I do believe personally Usman is the best right now in the division but that doesn’t mean he is invincible. He needs to always stay on top of the game.

“It’s hard to be champion and it’s even harder to stay champion. I’m sure if you ask Usman, he’ll tell you the same thing. He’s on a tear right now, he looks phenomenal but there’s a lot of guys that can give him a lot of trouble like Khamzat Chimaev. Leon Edwards, maybe. Usman so far has been a puzzle that no one is able to solve.

“He’s incredible but he needs to stay focused to make sure he never underestimates nobody and trains for every fight like it’s the hardest fight he’s ever had. Nobody’s invincible, everybody can be beat. It’s not the best fighter that wins the fight very often. It’s the question about the fighter that fights the best the night of the fight and there’s a lot of things that can influence the result of a fight.”

Usman has made five successful defences of his title including two against Jorge Masvidal and two against Covington. Edwards has placed himself in pole position to face the ‘Nigerian Nightmare’ next swiftly denying claims he had been offered money to step aside and allow Conor McGregor to fight for the title.

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Kamaru Usman had made five defences of his UFC title

The 34-year-old has also called out boxing star Canelo Alvarez as he plans to explore the option of a lucrative iron square meeting alongside his glittering career inside the octagon. He admitted it will likely be in the summer when he can make a return to action and is currently focusing on the potential challenge of Edwards next.

“The doctor said I have to recover for a couple of months because it it going to take time to heal,” Usman told ESPN MMA of his hand injury. I need to get it to the point where I can fully commit to throwing the hand without hesitation.

“I think some time in May, once he gives me the heads up to test it and throw it, I will. Because even now I am training and go in and hit the bag and do the things I physically can. I have seen stranger things but right now my focus is on Leon Edwards because he is a clear contender.”

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