Tyson Fury’s fight with Deontay Wilder could be his last if wife Paris has her way

Tyson Fury could walk to the ring for the final time tonight – if his wife Paris can convince ‘The Gypsy King’ to hang up his gloves.

The 33-year-old defeated Wilder last year in emphatic fashion, and will look to replicate his success on his return to Las Vegas.

But Fury’s career has beeb blighted by personal issues as he took his well-documented path to the heavyweight summit.

He has faced struggles with mental health after his historic victory over Wladimir Klitschko, in addition to his drink and drug addiction.

And his wife has previously spoken of her desire to see Fury leave the ring to set up home with their six children in Morecambe.

She called for Fury to hang up his gloves after his proposed £75million payday for an undisputed clash with Anthony Joshua.

Paris told The Mirror: “I’d like him to beat Anthony Joshua and then stop. He’s in the ring with supreme boxers and it is a dangerous sport. We both know the risks.

Paris and Tyson Fury have a high-profile relationship

“I know one shot can change everything. If they put all the belts on the line it would be such an amazing fight.

“I’d like him to take that one fight and retire undefeated. He can’t go on forever, he can’t go undefeated forever. I wouldn’t like to see him continue for too long and get hurt.

“I wouldn’t like to see him lose his record chasing money or fame. He doesn’t need that. He’s already cemented his name in the history books.”

Ultimately, the fight with Joshua fell through when an arbitrator ruled Fury must instead fight Wilder for a third time.

Fury’s extended family consumes more of his time than ever after his youngest daughter was born prematurely this summer.

With training camp set to get underway for the second time, he was required to shorten his training camp to be with newborn Athena in hospital.

Fury’s previous comments, however, indicate he has no plans to hang up his gloves.

“I have a bucket list and my next five fights in mind,” Fury told BT Sport Boxing. I am going to have a December fight after this, because Joshua won’t happen then, it’ll happen in March.

“It’s Wilder on October 9 – Dillian Whyte in December in a UK stadium where I will shut him up once and for all.

“Then Joshua in March in Saudi Arabia and then a rematch back here in Wembley. Then I will fight Chisora in my fifth and final fight.”

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Tyson Fury takes on Deontay Wilder for the third time in Las Vegas
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Joshua has since lost to Oleksandr Usyk to throw a potential fight with Fury into even more doubt.

But Fury has not ruled out sharing a ring with his fellow countryman.

His reaction he described as feeling “wounded” after Joshua’s second defeat, suggests his ultimate desire to call on his biggest British rival in the sport.

Fury has already had some of the biggest names in boxing on his resume including Klitschko, Wilder and of course Chisora earlier in his career.

But his family could be prioritised particularly with the birth of his new daughter, who he hasn’t had an opportunity to settle down with.

“I can’t flip a switch from being Daddy Daycare to Baddest Man On the Planet,” Fury admitted this week. “So whatever is going on at home, family life, that just has to stay there.

“While I’m in camp, I have no involvement in what’s going on at home. It sounds very selfish, me being out in Las Vegas, not communicating with the family at all. But I’ve got a serious job to handle here and if I was on my phone to my kids every day, I wouldn’t want to be here.

“Right now, I’m putting my neck on the line so they can eat food. I’m putting my neck on the line so they can have a good life and they must understand that. That’s why you go into training camps for months on end, to get away from it all.

“I’ve only been away for three weeks by the time the fight comes around, which is not the usual thing. I usually come over eight weeks before.”

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