TP-Link’s latest 2k security camera offers full-color night vision

Earlier this year TP-Link launched its Tapo line of smart home devices that revolve around budget 2K security cameras, introducing several models ranging from $30 to $60. Now, the company has launched a pricier but more impressive indoor/outdoor 2K night vision security camera, the Tapo C40S2. 

The new model is battery-powered, weatherproofed and wire-free, offering up to 180 days on a charge in both indoor and outdoor environments. It packs an 850nm IR sensor, along with an f/1.6 aperture lens that allows it to see up to 49 feet in the dark, according to the company. With 2K resolution (2,048 x 1,080) a hair above Full HD, TP-Link promises “pristine images, even in low-light conditions.”

It also comes with AI features that allow it to distinguish between humans, pets, vehicles and packages, providing notifications when someone steps into the property or user-defined activity zones. Other features include a built-in siren and light alarm, microSD and cloud storage with 30 days of video history and motion detection with snapshots and more. The Tapo C420S2 is now available through TP-Link’s website or on Amazon at $200 for a two-pack — a reasonable price for a wireless night-vision camera. 

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