Top jockey facing ‘world record Covid fine’ over illegal lockdown party

Australian jockey Jamie Kah is facing a world record fine after hosting an illegal lockdown party, according to her lawyer.

Her Airbnb bash, which was against lockdown rules, could cost her a whopping £527,000 if not suspended.

According to reports, the Aussie rider was present at the luxury villa, which cost over £290 a night and was left in a mess.

The venue was reported to have been stained with blood and wine following the wild night of partying.

Kah is also believed to have been living on and off at the property due to “relationship difficulties” with her fiancée.

Australian jockey Jamie Kah is set to pay a huge fine after attending an illegal lockdown party
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The 25-year-old posted a tweet following the incident which read: “I am deeply embarrassed and disappointed with myself.”

Three other jockeys who were also at the event, Mark Zahra, Ben Melham and Ethan Brown, have each lodged appeals against their suspensions and bans.

The trio, including Kah and apprentice jockey Celine Gaudray, plead guilty to “failure or refusal to comply with an order, direction, or requirement of the stewards or an official.”

They have all had their racing licences banned for three months and therefore will not compete at the upcoming Spring Racing Carnival.

Meanwhile, it’s also emerged that the jockeys face additional charges for allegedly lying about their attendance.

Stewards say when they questioned Mark Zahra late last month and he claimed he was not present at the Airbnb.

Kah and four other jockeys are facing bans and suspensions following their exploits
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However, later on he changed his story later and admitted he was at the party.

“The evidence tendered by Mark Zahra to RV Stewards during the interview on the morning of 28 August 2021 is alleged to be false and/or misleading,” the steward’s report states.

Brown, Kah, Melham and Gaudray are also accused of covering up Zahra’s whereabouts, after they withheld from stewards he was at the house.

All five riders will once again appear at a tribunal on charges of presenting false evidence, while Melham, Zahra and Brown will also have a hearing concerning their appeals.

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