‘Time traveller’ claims to have visited 2027 and shares videos of ‘human extinction’ with 1.3m TikTok followers

A “TIME traveller” has claimed he travelled in the future and has shared bizarre videos of ”human extinction” with his TikTok followers.

Javier claims to have visited 2027 where there are no humans while buildings and cars are still in place.

Tiktoker Javier posted a video showing the city of Valencia deserted


Tiktoker Javier posted a video showing the city of Valencia deserted
"No one in shopping centres," Javier said


“No one in shopping centres,” Javier saidCredit: tiktok @unicosobreviviente

The social media user who goes by @unicosobreviviente (only survivor) posted his first video on February 13, showing the city of Valencia, Spain, empty, without any humans around.

Somehow electricity and the internet seem to be working just fine.

Javier captioned his video: “I just woke up in a hospital and I don’t know what might have happened. Today is February 13, 2027 and I am alone in the city. “

“Humanity has been extinct,” he continues and “there is no one in shopping centres,” he says before the recording cuts to an empty clothing store.

And although the shop is deserted, the shelves are fully stacked somehow.

After his first post, more videos of the empty city followed, where there is absolutely no human activity but electricity and internet connection remain available for the Tiktoker to be able to upload the videos.

Javier claims that all electronic devices are exactly the same as in 2021- but now have the date of 2027.

In another video shared the following day the self-proclaimed time traveller asked for help from his followers.

"What could have happened?" he asks


“What could have happened?” he asksCredit: tiktok @unicosobreviviente
"No one at the beaches, the boats are adrift"


“No one at the beaches, the boats are adrift”Credit: tiktok @unicosobreviviente

“I keep trying to find human life. I am starting to lose hope. Today I got something to eat. How long is this going to last? Mention in the comments who might be able to help me,” he wrote.

When asked by his followers how is it possible he still has light and internet if there are no humans around, the Tiktoker replied that he wasn’t sure but “most likely there is a type of connection between 2021 and 2027.”

Javier often shares updates of his “life in the future” and claims he is “stuck” and is trying to find a way to come back to 2021.

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