TikTok boxer taunts her rival with full-size coffin and blow-up doll ahead of fight

TikTok star Elle Brook controversially brought a coffin to the stage of her pre-fight press conference for her boxing debut against rival Astrid Wett next month.

The OnlyFans models will square off in the boxing ring for Kingpyn Promotions on July 16 at The O2 Indigo, and began the promotion for the bout with a rowdy press conference yesterday. Brooke was all about the show at the packed out event, wearing a skimpy outfit and pulling off a number of stunts, while her rival appeared more boxing-focused.

Brook had a crew of people bring out the coffin after she and her opponent had gone back and forth, and when it was opened it revealed a blow-up doll of Wett wearing a Chelsea jersey. “July 16, you are dead,” Brook told her rival before Wett declared that the stunt was “well embarrassing”.

Both women have hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, and have agreed to fight after a rivalry over a series of videos on TikTok and Twitter. The pair went back-and-forth in a heated and at times trashy press conference for their bout, which will be the co-main event on Kingpyn’s first show.

Elle Brooke brought a coffin with an Astrid Wett blow up doll inside to their press conference
Kingpyn Boxing/YouTube)

“I think there’s always been this unspoken rivalry,” Wett explained of the fight. “And then it got to the point where there was stupid tit for tat on TikTok and Twitter, then I just decided that she needs a smack in her face. She deserves to be put her place a little bit.”

Brooke clapped back by getting the crowd onside, drawing a huge cheer when she asked the audience “who thinks I’m going to knock Astrid Wett the f*** out? She is f***ing dead.”

Wett declared that with a younger audience in attendance, she felt it was inappropriate for Brooke to be “half naked”, which she claims she did because her rival had called her fat. “You look like Brock Lesnar,” Wett told her opponent. “You’re built like a man, I’m not worried about someone who looks like Brock Lesnar.

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“I’m training as hard as I possibly can, she’s doing this whole thing for publicity. You see how many videos she puts out, it’s ridiculous. I’m not fussed, we’ll let the boxing do the talking.”

Brooke has been training with top coach Mark Tibbs, who is known as one of the UK’s top boxing minds. And she is promising a knockout in her boxing debut after picking up a wealth of knowledge about the sport from her time with Tibbs.

“I’m doing this to knock you out,” she told her opponent. “You’re gone, why do you think you’re going to knock me out? I’m literally built like a brick s***house, so be scared.”

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