This New Scent Has Officially Eclipsed Baccarat Rouge and Santal 33 in NYC

Both Santal 33 and Baccarat Rouge have dominated the New York City fragrance matrix for quite some time. Recently, however, I’ve noticed a new scent pop up in the city more and more—and I think it’s on its way to becoming omnipresent. 

That scent is none other than Byredo’s Vanille Antique, which is an extension of the brand’s Night Veils collection. These fragrances are made for “the ritual of the night,” and they’re all concentrates of raw materials in their headiest form. 

Vanille Antique is centered on—you guessed it—vanilla. Unlike most vanilla-centric scents, however, Vanille Antique doesn’t lean sweet or cloying. In fact, it’s the total opposite. This fragrance is vanilla at its rawest—it’s smoky, warm, and heady. It makes sense that it’s gaining momentum in the city the way it is since it follows the same type of fragrance formula as Santal 33 and Baccarat Rouge: woods, amber, light florals, and a starring ingredient. (For Santal 33 and Baccarat Rouge, it’s cardamom and saffron respectively. For Vanille Antique, it’s vanilla.)

This scent hasn’t been around long enough to gain total dominance yet, but it’s quickly on its way. Just like its predecessors, it’s recognizable but reads different on everyone. It’s absolutely hypnotizing and—trust me—well worth the money based on compliments per wear alone. 

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