These H&M Pieces Looked So Good Online I Decided to Try Them In Person

I’m no stranger to a splurge, but like most people, I like saving my money. Whenever I’m in the mood for fashion that’s on-trend, affordable, and won’t break down in one wash, H&M is like my home base. As a faithful shopper of the brand, I can also say that the quality has greatly improved over the years. Add to that its growing commitment to sustainable materials, and I really can’t find a reason why I’d shop elsewhere. 

It’s not uncommon that I do mid seasonal hauls from the store on my own, but this time I was able to take a few new arrivals for a test drive as soon as they hit the site. And if you’re well versed in the language of H&M, you’ll know that all the brand’s best hits are only available as online exclusives. I scrolled through and uncovered a bunch of pieces I eagerly wanted to try IRL, including some seasonal knit staples along with a few funky bits that really caught my eye. To hear my unfiltered thoughts and to see how everything fit, keep scrolling below.

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