The Mother Of DaBaby’s Children, Meme, Opens Up To Her Followers About Her Love Life (Video)

On Monday, the mother of DaBaby’s children Meme went live with her fans, and put us in her business, as it relates to her love life.

While on live, a fan asked if she was single. Meme replied, “Am I single? Yeah. But you know it’s one of them situations where it’s like you f**k with somebody so you kind of loyal to them already. It’s like that.”

As you know, Meme and Da Baby ended their relationship, and he started to date Dani Leigh. But the singer and the Charlotte native ended their relationship.

Dani shared on her Instagram story, “Officially single,” with a black heart emoji. The former couple has also appeared to have unfollowed each other on IG as well. If you recall, DaBaby dropped the video to the song last month, and Dani was right beside him as his co-star and leading lady. The former couple confirmed their relationship in early December 2020. This isn’t the first time DaniLeigh and DaBaby have called it quits. They publicly broke up and unfollowed each other earlier last year in July after being together for nearly 5 months. 

As previously reported, Dani Leigh caught major backlash from her song ‘Yellow Bone.’ She later apologized after receiving major backlash.

In a recorded video posted to Instagram, she stated, “In part, she stated, “I think it’s super important ‘cause I definitely feel super misunderstood. I think people twisted it like I was trying to bash another woman and her skin tone. I never looked at my skin as a privilege,” she added, “I see brown skin women flaunt their skin in music all the time. Why can’t I flaunt mine?”

“I’m sorry I wasn’t sensitive to the topic, when I wrote my comment,” speaking about her song ‘Yellowbone.’

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