Ransomware detections dropped by almost half, but the threat is only getting worse, says Trend Micro

Rather than indicating ransomware was a passing fad, the decrease in attack volume shows that attackers are starting to become

How to secure SSH logins with port knocking

Knock, knock … who’s there? SSH. SSH who? You need to lock down your servers so that only you have

New Microsoft analytics tools help identify and understand trends without compromising privacy

Developed to help policy makers research human trafficking, these techniques for synthetic privacy, casual inference and visualizing complex graph statistics

Storage for unstructured big data should be part of a company’s strategy

For many IT organizations, data storage is an afterthought and not a strategic concern. However, when it comes to big

Glassdoor CEO: Acquisition of Fishbowl will be good for job seekers and employers

The pandemic brought a whole new need for connectivity through the two platforms, he said. Now job seekers can get

How to use vector graphics to create cool custom graphics in PowerPoint

Free graphics aren’t written on stone in Microsoft PowerPoint. Many will allow you to ungroup all the pieces, use what

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