Sky Sports Fantasy Football is LIVE!

Sky Sports Fantasy Football is back for the 2021/22 season, and you could win up to £50,000 for free by simply creating a team and playing along throughout the campaign.

The first deadline of the season is Friday, August 13, where newly-promoted Brentford welcome Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal in the first Premier League game of 2021/22.

There are some things to consider and note down when playing Sky Sports Fantasy Football. Follow these and you could place yourself in the best possible position for a successful season.

Selecting your team

When selecting and managing your Fantasy Football team throughout the year, you can use any of the following formations:







The objective is to select 11 players, keeping within the £100m budget. There is no limit on players from the same club.

You will be able to make unlimited team changes up to the first Premier League match on Friday, August 13, allowing you to keep your friends and rivals guessing, while providing you with an opportunity to make any last-minute amendments.

Note: The two most popular formations last season were 3-4-3 and 4-3-3, so choose wisely!


Once the season has started, you will have a total of 40 transfers available to use, with a maximum of five transfers each Gameweek – this runs from Friday to Thursday.

In order to be eligible for scoring, transfers must be made before the kick-off of the first match on each game day. Transfers made after this deadline will start scoring from the next time they play.

For example, if you transfer in Mohamed Salah before the deadline (first kick-off) on Saturday, he will be eligible to score points immediately.

However, if you transfer in Mohamed Salah after the deadline on Saturday, he will be eligible to score points from Sunday’s matches, with the transferred out player continuing to score points for your team on the Saturday.

Egypt's FA say Liverpool refused to let Mohamed Salah play at the Tokyo Olympics
Image: Will Mohamed Salah make it into your starting XI for the first Gameweek of the season?


You will be able to take advantage of the Overhaul twice this season; once after the completion of Gameweek 3, with the other taking place in 2022.

During these periods, you will be able to make an unlimited amount of transfers but must remain within the budget of £100m. These transfers will not come out of your 40-player transfer limit.

The first Overhaul period will begin following the completion of Gameweek 3. It will then run throughout Gameweek 4 and up until the first kick off of Gameweek 5.

There will be a second overhaul period, which will take place in 2022. The exact dates of this will be announced following further fixture confirmations.

Captain Fantastic

The captain of your team will score double points – positive and negative. You have the ability to schedule all of your captains for the next Gameweek in advance. This means managers can make unlimited captain changes in a Gameweek.

You can choose all your captains for the upcoming matches in a Gameweek. If in that week there are three games, Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday, then you will be able to pick your captains for each match day in advance.

You are able to make changes to your captains as many times as you like, up until the deadline of each game day.

Compete with your friends and take home the bragging rights in both of our paid and free leagues. Live scoring will be in play this campaign, meaning you can see your updates leagues as the matches take place, a new feature for the upcoming campaign.

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