Ricky Hatton advises Paddy Pimblett to control his weight during UFC career

Ricky Hatton has warned UFC star Paddy Pimblett that his eating habits will eventually catch up to him during his fighting career.

Pimblett is a self-declared ‘foodie’ who is known for piling on a lot of weight after his bouts. ‘The Baddy’ weighed in at 145lb for his most recent win, but just two weeks later he stepped on the scale at over 200lb after indulging on junk food.

Hatton was nicknamed ‘Fatton’ during his accomplished boxing career because, like Pimblett, he would pile on the pounds outside of training camp. The ring legend, who fights for the first time in almost a decade on July 2 against Marco Antonio Barrera, has advised Pimblett to not follow in his footsteps.

“I would advise him, listen it’s a short career. It comes and goes in the blink of an eye, anything you can do to damage your body stay away from it,” Hatton said on The MMA Hour. “Just for those years, dedicate yourself and when you’re sat in your big house you can say ‘I did right then’.

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“As I’m moving forward and trying to give advice to the people coming through, live like Floyd Mayweather. Live every day as a professional. That’s why [Floyd] is where he is now, because he looks after his body. In boxing, our body pays the bills so don’t do anything that’ll ruin it.”

Now a boxing coach for several fighters, including his undefeated 21-year-old son Campbell, Hatton enforces strict weight restrictions on his students. Despite advising Pimblett to not balloon up in weight, Hatton wouldn’t have changed his habits during his career as he thinks it played a big part in accumulating a loyal fanbase.

Paddy Pimblett piles on a lot of weight inbetween fights

“I think people followed me because I was a scallywag, a bit of a jack the lad. I’d finish the fight then go down the pub, be playing darts and then go to McDonald’s. People could relate with me because I was no different to the people that supported me,” he added.

“That’s why my fanbase is as still as popular as it is now, it wasn’t just boxing with me. I would change anything personally because he fanbase I had was my greatest achievement, but I’m a firm believer in that I could have been an even better boxer.

“I could have got a few more years if I looked after myself, I fought at world level with one hand behind my back because I was d***head with what I put in my mouth.”

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