Rep Swalwell shares recording of death threat after attack by Marjorie Taylor Greene

Democratic lawmaker Eric Swalwell shared a recording of a death threat made against his children after what he described as incitement from Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Mr Swalwell wrote on Twitter: “Marjorie loves to play the victim. But she’s an inciter of violence. Her constant attacks — even after the FBI said I was never suspected of wrongdoing — lead to threatening calls like this. This caller from today threatened to kill my three children.”

Mr Swalwell said the recording was sent after Ms Taylor Greene accused him of an inappropriate contact with suspected Chinese spy Christine Fang, also known as Fang Fang, in 2015.

In it, a man’s voice can be heard saying: “Hey, you little cocksucker. You still banging the Chinese spy Fang Fang? And stinking up the f***ing Capital…

“You little cocksucker. We’re coming to your house this weekend. Gon’ get you and them little mutant bastards, them little mutant offspring of yours. We’re gon’ get ya.”

Mr Swalwell had earlier tweeted about an encounter with a Trump supporter at the US Capitol.

“The father yelled at me ‘Hey Swalwell’ and then told his son, ‘that’s Swalwell. He’s trouble. He doesn’t back Trump’,” he wrote.

In response to that anecdote, Ms Taylor Greene responded on Twitter that, “No way that happened”.

“Because we all know good Trump supporting fathers would say, ‘that’s the Democrat who had sex with a Chinese spy,’” she wrote.

Axios reported in 2020 that the suspected Chinese spy had targeted young Democratic politicians in California in 2015.

Mr Swalwell was warned of the approach by the FBI, and cut all ties with Christine Fang, Axios reported.

It found that Ms Fang had sexual relationships with at least two unnamed Midwestern mayors. There was no suggestion that Mr Swalwell was romantically involved with her.

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