pessimism about the economy is growing, a u.s. poll shows.

Pessimism about the economy is growing, a U.S. poll shows.

Americans are becoming more pessimistic about the economy, more worried about inflation — and now, more anxious about the job

right wing news site declares trump 'unfit to be anywhere near power ever again'

Right-Wing News Site Declares Trump ‘Unfit To Be Anywhere Near Power Ever Again’

Cassidy Hutchinson, an aide to Mark Meadows while he was Trump’s White House chief of staff, gave jaw-dropping testimony Tuesday

biden may nominate anti abortion lawyer for judgeship in deal with mcconnell: reports

Biden May Nominate Anti-Abortion Lawyer For Judgeship In Deal With McConnell: Reports

President Joe Biden may nominate a conservative, anti-abortion lawyer for a lifetime judgeship in Kentucky as part of a deal

the elephant in the nato room: america's roe reversal

The elephant in the NATO room: America’s Roe reversal

“Normally in diplomatic circles, people are going to be a little circumspect in criticizing your internal domestic policies,” Connolly said,

liz cheney calls trump ‘a domestic threat that we have never faced before’

Liz Cheney Calls Trump ‘a Domestic Threat That We Have Never Faced Before’

Representative Liz Cheney, the Wyoming Republican and vice chairwoman of the House committee investigating the Capitol riot of Jan. 6,

breyer officially retires from supreme court thursday, clearing way for jackson

Breyer Officially Retires From Supreme Court Thursday, Clearing Way For Jackson

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer told the White House he will officially retire at noon Thursday, clearing the way for

gop rep

GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger Suggests Lauren Boebert’s Views Akin To ‘Christian Taliban’

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) lashed out at Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) after the extremist congresswoman said she believes “the church


Jan. 6 Hearings Fuel The Question: Did Trump Commit A Crime?

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House Jan. 6 committee has heard dramatic testimony from former White House aides and others about

joe scarborough warns mark meadows 'you're in deep s**t' after new jan

Joe Scarborough Warns Mark Meadows ‘You’re In Deep S**t’ After New Jan. 6 Testimony

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough warned former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows to do the right thing or “get ready

fauci, recovering from ‘rebound’ of covid, praises paxlovid

Fauci, Recovering From ‘Rebound’ of Covid, Praises Paxlovid

But on the fourth day, he said, he was “surprised and disappointed” to see that he had tested positive again,

hutchinson testimony exposes tensions between parallel jan

Hutchinson Testimony Exposes Tensions Between Parallel Jan. 6 Inquiries

WASHINGTON — The explosive testimony of a former Trump White House aide on Tuesday may have increased the likelihood of


Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas Pat Cipollone, Trump’s White House Counsel

WASHINGTON — The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol issued a subpoena Wednesday for the testimony

heated debate erupts over what happened inside trump’s vehicle on jan

Heated Debate Erupts Over What Happened Inside Trump’s Vehicle on Jan. 6

WASHINGTON — Soon after his speech on the Ellipse ended on Jan. 6, 2021, President Donald J. Trump stepped into

testimony paints mark meadows as unwilling to act as jan

Testimony Paints Mark Meadows as Unwilling to Act as Jan. 6 Unfolded

It was about 2 p.m. on Jan. 6, 2021. Mark Meadows sat on a couch in his West Wing office,

january 6 committee subpoenas ex trump lawyer pat cipollone

January 6 Committee Subpoenas Ex-Trump Lawyer Pat Cipollone

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection issued a subpoena Wednesday to former White House counsel

a republican insider studies his burned bridges and a combustible g.o.p.

A Republican Insider Studies His Burned Bridges and a Combustible G.O.P.

At a stately house in Washington’s diplomatic quarter, Never Trump luminaries gathered on Saturday for one of the city’s more


Jan. 6 Panel Explores Links Between Trump Allies and Extremist Groups

In their relationships with President Donald J. Trump in recent years, Roger J. Stone Jr., his longtime political adviser, and

michael stenger, ousted senate sergeant at arms, dies at 71

Michael Stenger, Ousted Senate Sergeant-at-Arms, Dies at 71

Michael Stenger, who resigned as the Senate’s sergeant-at-arms after the Jan. 6, 2021, storming of the Capitol exposed a lack

it took the supreme court just 10 days to change america as we know it

It Took The Supreme Court Just 10 Days To Change America As We Know It

This article is part of HuffPost’s biweekly politics newsletter. Click here to subscribe. The Supreme Court is allegedly the most

abortion fight moves to state courts after supreme court overturns roe

Abortion Fight Moves To State Courts After Supreme Court Overturns Roe

State courts are the new battleground over abortion rights after the Supreme Court overturned the nearly 50-year-old right to an

missouri enacts strict new voter rules and will switch to caucuses

Missouri Enacts Strict New Voter Rules and Will Switch to Caucuses

Missouri overhauled its election rules on Wednesday, enacting a voter identification law similar to one the state’s highest court blocked

1955 Warrant In Emmett Till Case Found, Family Seeks Arrest Of Woman

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — A team searching the basement of a Mississippi courthouse for evidence about the lynching of Black

joe rogan tells ‘canceled’ disney star gina carano he’s loving ron desantis for president in 2024

Joe Rogan Tells ‘Canceled’ Disney Star Gina Carano He’s Loving Ron DeSantis For President In 2024

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has been turning heads with his performance as Governor of Florida – so much so that

progressives want to make airlines give you a refund for delays and cancellations

Progressives Want To Make Airlines Give You A Refund For Delays And Cancellations

WASHINGTON – Leading progressives are calling on President Joe Biden’s administration to take aggressive action to reduce flight disruptions at

election deniers wiped out in colorado gop primaries

Election Deniers Wiped Out In Colorado GOP Primaries

Election deniers suffered a stinging series of defeats in Colorado on Tuesday night, losing handily in Republican primaries for governor,

gop surge forcing democrats to spend money on traditionally reliable blue senate seats

GOP Surge Forcing Democrats To Spend Money On Traditionally Reliable Blue Senate Seats

If the numbers weren’t already bad enough for Democrats, they are now finding themselves spending a lot of money in

giuliani's former ukraine fixer gets 20 months in prison

Giuliani’s former Ukraine fixer gets 20 months in prison

The judge also ordered Parnas pay $2.3 million in restitution. Addressing the court before the sentence was announced, Parnas sobbed

scott pruitt, trump’s disgraced former epa chief, gets crushed in senate primary

Scott Pruitt, Trump’s Disgraced Former EPA Chief, Gets Crushed In Senate Primary

Despite a history of winning statewide contests and a star turn in the Trump administration, former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator

first amendment confrontation may loom in post roe fight

First Amendment Confrontation May Loom in Post-Roe Fight

The Supreme Court declared clearly last week that there is no federal right to abortion. But how the decision in

trump’s endorsement record midway through primary season

Trump’s Endorsement Record Midway Through Primary Season

With Tuesday’s primaries in Illinois and a handful of other states behind us, we are now more than halfway through

‘whispers’ of hillary clinton in 2024 begin, with former campaign strategist saying it’s a bad idea

‘Whispers’ Of Hillary Clinton In 2024 Begin, With Former Campaign Strategist Saying It’s A Bad Idea

CNN published a column using the Supreme Court’s recent abortion ruling to tout “whispers” of Hillary Clinton running for president

supreme court rules to protect religious expression for praying football coach

Supreme Court Rules To Protect Religious Expression For Praying Football Coach

The Supreme Court ruled 6-3 in favor of Joe Kennedy, the high school football coach who was fired in 2015

key questions posed by cassidy hutchinson’s testimony

Key Questions Posed by Cassidy Hutchinson’s Testimony

For two hours, Cassidy Hutchinson, a former White House aide, laid out a devastating account on Tuesday of former President

exorbitant foia fees latest weapon deployed by schools against concerned parents

Exorbitant FOIA Fees Latest Weapon Deployed By Schools Against Concerned Parents

Summer is here, and while school is out, the drama surrounding the American education system is very much still in

white house under fire for promoting site that tells pregnant teens how to get an abortion, avoid involving parents

White House Under Fire For Promoting Site That Tells Pregnant Teens How To Get An Abortion, Avoid Involving Parents

Several Republican lawmakers chastised the Biden administration after the White House promoted a site that helps pregnant teens obtain an

supreme court narrows ruling for tribes in oklahoma

Supreme Court Narrows Ruling for Tribes in Oklahoma

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Wednesday narrowed the sweep of its landmark 2020 decision declaring that much of eastern

thievery doesn’t cause inflation, and neither does government spending

Thievery Doesn’t Cause Inflation, And Neither Does Government Spending

By John Tamny for RealClearMarkets What’s the economic impact of lifting $20 from the person next to you on a

Pro-Abortion Women’s March Officially Announces ‘Summer of Rage’

The Women’s March has announced an official kickoff to a ‘Summer of Rage,’ a protest designed to pressure President Biden


U.S. To Boost Military Presence In Europe In Response To Russia Threat

MADRID (AP) — President Joe Biden said Wednesday that the U.S. will significantly increase its military presence in Europe for

scotus limits 2020 ruling on tribal lands in oklahoma

SCOTUS Limits 2020 Ruling On Tribal Lands In Oklahoma

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that Oklahoma can prosecute non-Native Americans for crimes committed on tribal

powell says the fed wil find price stability in a new economy

Powell Says the Fed Wil Find Price Stability in a New Economy

Jerome H. Powell, the chair of the Federal Reserve, said it was unclear whether the global pressures that kept price

key portions of ‘bombshell’ january 6 testimony about trump under heavy scrutiny

Key Portions Of ‘Bombshell’ January 6 Testimony About Trump Under Heavy Scrutiny

Two Secret Service agents, according to multiple news outlets, are willing to testify under oath that “bombshell” testimony before the

alexandria ocasio cortez has pithy reply when asked if she'll run for president

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has Pithy Reply When Asked If She’ll Run For President

Stephen Colbert on Tuesday asked Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) if she’d run for president if President Joe Biden didn’t in

Pelosi receives Communion in Vatican despite abortion stance

Pelosi has done neither. She called the recent Supreme Court ruling removing constitutional protections for abortion an “outrageous and heart-wrenching”

the fall of roe will hurt abortion access in blue states, too

The Fall Of Roe Will Hurt Abortion Access In Blue States, Too

Days after the fall of Roe v. Wade, the country has yet to feel the full impact of the Supreme

the vanishing moderate democrat

The Vanishing Moderate Democrat

But many other moderate Democrats viewed its passage, coming as late as it did, as a Pyrrhic victory at best.

a drive to st

A Drive to St. Michaels Leads to Historical Homes and Bay Views

With Memorial Day weekend upon me, I packed a bag and drove east, following a 80-mile path trodden for decades

five takeaways from tuesday’s elections

Five Takeaways From Tuesday’s Elections

The biggest question heading into Tuesday’s primaries was whether Democrats would be successful in guiding Republican voters to choose weak

ex aide releases melania trump's revealing 1 word text message from jan

Ex-Aide Releases Melania Trump’s Revealing 1-Word Text Message From Jan. 6

Former first lady Melania Trump was given a chance to call for peace on Jan. 6, 2021 as her husband’s

democratic rep

Democratic Rep. Danny Davis Survives Progressive Primary Challenge In Chicago

A late endorsement from President Joe Biden helped longtime Rep. Danny Davis (D-Ill.) survive a primary challenge from progressive Kina

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