Now *This* Is How to Dress Like You’re in the 2000s

Thanks to the Gen Z set and fashion insiders on TikTok and Instagram, 2000s fashion has returned in a huge way. If you lived through it the first time, you’ll probably remember many of the iconic pieces that have come to define the decade in fashion. If it’s new to you, welcome to one of the most fun and lighthearted ways to get dressed that will have you smiling immediately.

So what are the comeback pieces to add to your 2000s capsule wardrobe the second time around? Looking to what people are wearing now, there are a handful that are must-buy items you need to tap into the throwback fashion. Whether it’s camo, as endorsed by Rihanna, Y2K bags that have been making a huge resurgence, or the reemergence of going-out tops, there are some key items that should rank high on your 2000s shopping list. Here, find some inspiration.

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