Marjorie Taylor Greene nets $3m in fundraising despite being one of Congress’s most divisive lawmakers

Conservatives coming to the aid of embattled Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene have made the first-term congresswoman a prolific fundraiser.

Ms Greene raised $3.2m during the first quarter of 2021. Her campaign noted that she was boosted by small-dollar donations from all 50 states.

She has become a rallying point for some staunch conservatives after she became the target of liberal ire. The House voted to remove her from her committee assignments after her social media posts seemingly showed approval of violence against Democrats.

She has also previously indicated she supported conspiracy theories, such as QAnon.

Her huge fundraising haul shows grassroots conservatives back her tough stances on culture war issues such as guns and transgender rights, and indicates they are willing to help her as she argues that she’s being persecuted for her beliefs by liberals and the media.

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One of the most famous Democratic representatives, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, raised $728.000 in her first quarter in Congress in 2019.

Ms Greene tweeted: “I am humbled, overjoyed, and so excited to announce what happened over the past few months as I have been the most attacked freshman member of Congress in history. Over 100,000 donors poured in over $3,200,000 to support me, averaging $30 per donation.”

She added: “For too long, the political ruling class that looks down on the rest of us, have been selling out America to the world, by whipping the backs of the hardworking American worker and taxpayer.”

Seeming to benefit from the scandals and controversies that have dogged her, Ms Greene fundraised stunning amounts of cash. She warned her supporters that Democrats were trying to boot her out of congress, and they came to her aid.

Maintaining her support from former President Donald Trump and doing everything she can to stay in his good graces is another factor in her fundraising success.

A source close to her campaign told Politico: “Over 100,000 individual donations says it all. The People are with Marjorie Taylor Greene and her America First agenda. It’s clear she’s the heir to President Trump.

“While politicians inside the Beltway attack her daily, Americans are rushing to stand beside the Notorious MTG as she fights tooth and nail on the House floor utilising procedural tactics to shut down Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats’ hostage takeover of Congress.”

Ms Greene represents a deeply Republican seat that she won in 2020 with almost 75 per cent of the vote. But she could face anti-Trump candidates in the primary, which may become expensive for her campaign.

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