Macron faces no confidence vote after losing majority in French election

Emmanuel Macron‘s government is facing a confidence vote next month after the president failed to win an outright majority in Sunday’s legislative elections.

France’s left-wing Nupes alliance said on Monday that it plans to put forward a no-confidence ballot against Mr Macron’s Ensemble grouping on 5 July.

Nupes is the second-biggest grouping in the lower house of parliament, following Sunday’s election, but does not have enough votes on its own to get the no-confidence vote adopted, and has few allies in a very fragmented parliament.

Mr Macron was on Monday scrambling to seek support from parliamentary rivals in order to salvage some of his reform agenda and avoid political paralysis, after voters punished them on Sunday

While the “Ensemble” grouping secured the largest number of lawmakers in the 577-seat National Assembly, it fell well short of an absolute majority in a vote on Sunday that saw a leftwing alliance and the far-right perform very strongly.

There is no script in France for how things should unfold.

“It’s going to be complicated,” government spokeswoman Olivia Gregoire told France Inter radio. “We’re going to have to be creative.

“What I fear most is that this country be blocked,” she added.

Macron himself has yet to comment on the election result.

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