Logan Paul vows to “take out” in Paddy Pimblett in latest UFC challenge

YouTube star Logan Paul is still interested in competing in the UFC and has issued a fresh call-out to Paddy Pimblett.

Paul challenged “loud mouth” Pimblett to a fight in April, believing the Liverpudlian shares similar characteristics to himself. The American wants to fight someone in the UFC who can sell tickets and believes Pimblett would be a perfect opponent.

Pimblett has promised to submit Paul – who has never fought in MMA – if the pair do meet in the cage. Whilst on The True Geordie podcast, Paul said “I’m taking out Paddy The Baddy dude, I’m taking him out.”

When asked if he has spoken to Dana White about making the fight, Paul revealed he might have recently annoyed the UFC boss by involving him in a commercial video for his Prime energy drink.

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He said: “I think I texted him about something, we kind of f***ed Dana over a little bit, we didn’t f*** him over but I did him a little dirty and he might be upset with me. The bald video with me and KSI, the scene where me and him where sitting down we cut to Dana White.

“The joke was we are trying to be successful, because all bald people are successful. The joke was that Dana’s bald, he’s successful and then he goes ‘I think you’ve got it figured out’ but we shoot that separately. So Dana didn’t know what context that was going to be in.

“We were poking fun at him being bald and successful, but it was used in a Prime commercial that’s the only thing. Maybe he’s upset about it I don’t know, maybe he doesn’t give a f*** and I’m overthinking which I often do.”

Paddy Pimblett has won his first two UFC fights

Pimblett is scheduled to fight Jordan Leavitt at UFC London on July 23. ‘The Baddy’, who is unbeaten in two UFC appearances, told The Schmo that Paul’s size advantage wouldn’t matter in a potential fight between the pair.

“He knows who the boy is, doesn’t he?, He knows who will put bums on seats, lad. I can’t see him mentioning anyone else. I know he’s a lot bigger than me but I don’t think it really matters to be honest,” he said.

“I think I’d submit him quite easily and quite quickly but you never know, anything can happen in a fight. If Logan Paul ever does want the fight, lad, I’m open to hearing what numbers he’s coming at us with.”

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