Tokyo, Oct 8, 2019 – Travel planning doesn’t always mean smooth resolution, therefore 8xplorer has released the most user-friendly and visually oriented travel planning app on the market. Featuring an image-centric user interface and our own world travel database, the 8xplorer app offers the most effective, fun and personal way to plan everyone’s travel and vacation.

The 8xplorer app provides 3 main features:

1. Browse stunning places

Explore and find your next travel destinations through our stunning photography of the top 1,000 locations captured by esteemed photographers and world travellers. The user can swipe either right (LIKE, I want to go) or left (NOPE, not interested) to start narrowing down their next destinations to travel.

2. Map your next holiday

The places you ‘like’ are the places you want to travel to in the future. 8xplorer beautifully represents an overview of your future travel plans with images on one simple world map. This way the user can easily check and get a sense of where your LIKEs are located to start planning the trip.

3. Filter your likes

Last is the itinerary planning. Apply several smart filters such as budget, duration, the type of experience, security risks and more to find the spots that meet your conditions and generate the best, personalized experience.

“I have explored over 300 cities in 68 countries all around the world, including those in the Arctic and Antarctic. I love to travel but hate planning for it. It always requires time and effort to create an ideal itinerary that satisfies my needs. I had always wondered why travel planning was so difficult. In the current marketplace, the user experience for individuals planning travel is not optimized to match their thought process and behavior, nor does it utilize the latest technology. Since no one seems to be challenging this, I made it my mission to change this for the world. We are updating the user experience for travel planning to realize a world where everyone can create their own personalized travel itinerary in 3 easy minutes.”

Takayoshi Kobayashi
8xplorer CEO 

8xplorer will implement a comprehensive travel service for “pre-trip, on-trip and post-trip”  including reservation, itinerary design, and real-time itinerary optimization. In addition, 8xplorer will utilize machine learning to input each user’s preference to evolve and offer an optimal travel itinerary. 

Company Name: 8xplorer Inc.

Establishment: March 2018

CEO: Takayoshi Kobayashi

Address: Ebisu 2-38-3, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Service: Travel Planning

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