Lala Kent: I Had Sober Sex for the First Time! It’s Not So Scary!

In recent years, Lala Kent has been very serious about sobriety.

That might sound counterintuitive — at best — for a reality star. But it’s what works for her.

But sometimes, newfound sobriety means relearning how to do things that you once did.

In her case, sex. Lala found sober sex intimidating at first. The daunting prospect of it meant approaching sexuality in a whole new way.

Vanderpump Rules alum Lala Kent looked into the camera while sitting in a car in this alluring photo. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

The Real Housewives of Orange County alum Meghan King has a podcast, Intimate Knowledge.

There, she spoke with Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent about, well, some intimate knowledge that she has.

Specifically, Lala got into an “encounter” with a man over the summer. A first, apparently, following her cheating ex-fiance.

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 23: (L-R) Lala Kent and Randall Emmett attend the 2019 Film Independent Spirit Awards on February 23, 2019 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

“I got into a relationship when I was in my alcoholism,” Lala recalled to Meghan.

“And then I got sober with this person,” she added.

“So,” Lala then explained, “I was already comfortable.”

Vanderpump Rules alum Lala Kent flaunted her naked body in the shower of the Dream Hotel, using one arm to keep the pic safe for the platform. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“But as far as being out there in the world sexually,” Lala went on.

“With nothing to like numb what’s happening,” she continued, “not like I wanna be numb.”

“But,” Lala reasoned, “at least you got some liquid courage.”

Lala as SantaLala as Santa

Lala is making points. But we wouldn’t actually recommend that anyone depend upon any drugs, including alcohol.

“I was so terrified to have sex sober,” she confessed.

Lala explained that this was simply “because I had never done it before.”

Lala Kent Explains Plastic SurgeryLala Kent Explains Plastic Surgery

You know, she’s not alone. Yes, never having sex sober is uncommon.

But sometimes specific sex acts are things that “only” happen when people have had a bit to drink.

We don’t mean things that people don’t want to do. We’re referring to things that people want to do, but self-medicate themselves into actually doing.

Lala Kent Post-RandLala Kent Post-Rand
Lala Kent recently went through a devastating breakup. And now, it seems like she might be breaking up with the show that made her famous.

It turned out that sober sex was not bad. In fact, it was great. This summer’s guy, specifically.

She and the gentleman in question both kept “coming back for more, a lot,” Lala revealed.

“However taught him needs some sort of award,” she shared, “because it was mind-blowing.”

Lala Kent SmilesLala Kent Smiles
Lala Kent finds something funny in this photo from the Vanderpump Rules Season 6 reunion, as you can see.

Earlier this autumn, Lala celebrated four years without booze. That is a major milestone.

“Today marks 4 years of sobriety,” she wrote on Instagram.

She gushed that “The weekend was full of love & support.”

Lala Kent SelfieLala Kent Selfie
Lala Kent stares into the camera for this selfie. She’s wearing sunglasses, as you can see.

“Being present for my daughter… that part is priceless,” Lala expressed.

“I’m grateful, & extremely humbled by each birthday that passes,” she wrote.

“But y’all, I am proooooud!” Lala congratulated herself. “Hell yessss, Lala. You better work, girl.”

Lala Kent in BedLala Kent in Bed
Lala Kent snapped this selfie in bed and then shared it on her Instagram account in March of 2018.

This summer’s encounter clearly had a healing impact on Lala — and her relationship with sex.

Earlier this year, she had remarked that sex felt “tainted” after her cheating ex. Betrayal can have that effect.

We’re so happy for Lala that she has explored this aspect of herself and redefined what sex means to her.

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