Killer Mike’s Barber Shop Hit By Stray Bullets

Killer Mike’s Atlanta barber shop was damaged during a shooting, but he is quickly picking up the pieces to reopen.

The exact time of the shooting is not known but, according to WSB-TV, “the shop had boarded up windows and broken glass” early Monday morning (Feb. 22).

According to Killer Mike, two men were shooting at each other and stray bullets hit his business.

The 45-year-old posted about the incident on Instagram, writing, “It was not a personal attack but it was black men who cud not shoot for sh*t shooting at one another. I am not upset as property can be replaced. I am sorry to my customers as this will continue pause the re launch of the OG SWAG Shop barber Shop & store.”

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He also added, “Please consider what would have happened if one of y’all actually hit one another. The jail, the lawyer fees, the funeral cost and two black families loss. I’m glad y’all cud not hit the side of a barn with a shot gun cuz this am y’all all are alive.”

Killer Mike did not give a date for when the barbershop would reopen.

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