Jenelle Evans Complains of Severe Pain, Worsening Medical Issues: I’ve Had FOUR …

In the years since Jenelle Evans got fired from Teen Mom 2, the former reality star has endured countless ups and downs.

In recent months, Jenelle’s life appeared to be on the mend, with years of unemployment and destitution coming to an end amid the arrival of several new revenue streams.

First, Jenelle joined OnlyFans, and claimed to be making more money then she earned during her Teen Mom years.

Shortly thereafter Evans TV career began to show signs of life, as she made two brief appearances on MTV, first in a brief cameo during a party at Briana DeJesus’ house on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

Jenelle Evans recently gave YouTube fans a look at her daily life. (Photo via YouTube)

More recently, Jenelle appeared on an episode of Teen Mom: Girls Night In, which is apparently a show where the cast of Teen Mom watches episodes of Teen Mom.

More on that later.

Anyway, with her respect to her career, Jenelle is miles above where she was a year ago.

Unfortunately, it seems that she’s not doing so well in other aspects of her life.

Jenelkle advertises her OnlyFans page. (Image via TikTok)

In a series of TikTok posts, Jenelle has documented her recent health issues — and it sounds like the situation is pretty serious.

“In bed today, feeling bad AF,” Evans captioned one post.

“Had 4 lung biopsies yesterday and SO sore.”

“Have you guys ever had a bronchoscopy? Where they stick the camera down your throat into your lungs and they take biopsies?” Evans asked viewers in the video above.

“Well, I had four biopsies done yesterday. So now I’m laying here in bed with my heating blanket that goes over my neck just trying to feel better because I’m super sore on the inside,” Jenelle continued.

“Have you guys ever had biopsies of your lungs? Because this sh-t sucks. I’m just sore.”

Jenelle Evans on VideoJenelle Evans on Video
This is a screen capture from a video Jenelle Evans uploaded to her Instagram page in March of 2022. (Photo via Instagram)

From there, Evans described the procedure in detail.

“They took one in my voice box so that’s like four lung biopsies and that,” she told her followers.

“And then they did a thing to my right lung called a lavage where they cleaned it out with saline water so, yeah. S–t’s crazy but I’ll get results later on this week and we’ll see what’s going on,” Evans said.

“I just had too much mucus built up in my system and we don’t know why.”

Jenelle Evans in TikTok VideoJenelle Evans in TikTok Video
Jenelle Evans reacts here on TikTok to losing out on a supposedly major endorsement deal. (Photo via TikTok)

Yikes! We’ve roasted Jenelle quite a bit over the years — and that’s because she’s engaged in all sorts of violent and bigoted behavior, and she deserves to be roasted.

That said, we wish her all the best as she deals with these ongoing health issues.

As for Jenelle’s gradual return to MTV, she announced her latest appearance on Instagram last night.

Jenelle Evans says she’s suffering from some serious health issues. But that won’t stop her from returning to MTV! (Photo via Instagram)

“Now I don’t have to hide this pic anymore,” Evans captioned the photo above.

“Hanging with girls that get along was so refreshing. This time filming was actually fun.”

Of course, Briana DeJesus is only slightly more popular than Jenelle, so this pic didn’t go over as well as Evans might have hoped.

Jenelle Evans Speaks to FansJenelle Evans Speaks to Fans
Jenelle Evans is front and center here, speaking to her followers about her health concerns. (Photo via Instagram)

“You all get along because y’all are all the same,” one commenter wrote.

“Yeah. The drama filled one’s would get along,” another chimed in.

This might be why Jenelle prefers to post pay-walled content on OnlyFans these days.

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