Jana Kramer: Cheating Mike Caussin Didn’t Go Down on Me for YEARS

One might imagine that someone cheating so rampantly that they claim to have a “sex addiction” would at least be good at sex.

Apparently not.

For years, Jana Kramer has spoken at length about Mike Caussin’s cheating. It caused problems in their marriage. It caused their divorce.

Now, she’s revealing that he sucked — or, rather, didn’t — at aspects of sex, even within their marriage.

Jana Kramer Embraces Mike CaussinJana Kramer Embraces Mike Caussin
Jana Kramer supports her husband, Mike Caussin, who is a “sex addict.” She says that he is currently “sober.”

On Monday, November 7, Jana Kramer spoke on her Whine Down podcast.

Specifically, she discussed oral sex … or a lack thereof on her end.

“My ex-husband, the third … he didn’t do that for the first time until we were maybe getting back together,” Jana revealed.

Jana Kramer: Mike's Ultimate Betrayal Gave Me No Choice But Divorce!Jana Kramer: Mike's Ultimate Betrayal Gave Me No Choice But Divorce!

She detailed that this was “when he got out of rehab.”

Mike entered and got out of rehab for his alleged “sex addiction” in 2016. The two began dating in 2014. Two years??

The two met, dated, married, had a child together, and weathered at least two of Mike’s cheating scandals without him going down on her. At least, that’s what Jana is saying.

Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer Looking TenseMike Caussin and Jana Kramer Looking Tense
Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin are more or less synonymous with Mike’s struggles with sexual compulsions.

Jana and Mike didn’t break up for good until 2021.

They had many ups and downs, each time a result of Mike’s cheating … sorry, his “sex addiction.”

As we have previously reported, “sex addiction” has not received recognition from the broader psychiatric community. Many have suggested that it is not an affliction, but an excuse. And a poor one, at that.

Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin Enjoy Time TogetherJana Kramer and Mike Caussin Enjoy Time Together
Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin are mending their marriage with time to themselves after their latest marital “bump.”

Mike Caussin being something of a DJ Khaled in the bedroom sounds pretty awful.

But, according to Jana, she prioritizes penetrative intercourse over receiving oral action.

“I’ve had less oral than sex,” Jana shared on the podcast.

Happy Anniversary to Mike and Jana!Happy Anniversary to Mike and Jana!
Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin celebrate four years of marriage following cheating scandals, miscarriages and breakups.

Jana then shared that this is “Because I almost think it’s more intimate.”

Citing geography for some reason, she acknowledged: “I lived in Los Angeles — I’ve had sex.”

“I’ve got kids,” Jana pointed out. “But that piece was low.”

Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin, Four Years LaterJana Kramer and Mike Caussin, Four Years Later
Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin marked the four year anniversary of her discovering his multiple affairs.

Jana then characterized that she actually gets “really shy” any time that a partner is making an effort to please her.

“I’m just like, ‘No, no, no, let’s just have sex. Come up, come on,” she shared with her cohosts and listeners.

Just for the record, oral sex is still sex. Sex is sex — penetrative, penis-in-vagina sex is only one type. But that’s beside the point.

Jana Kramer Cries on InstagramJana Kramer Cries on Instagram
Jana Kramer shared this tearful photo of herself on Instagram, claiming that it was a candid shot of her from after a marital fight.

Obviously, it’s very tempting to say that what Jana truly needs right now is for someone to suck her soul out through her genitals. (They even make toys for that, honestly)

But only Jana gets to decide what she needs, in the bedroom or out of it.

Perhaps Mike Caussin’s future potential side pieces can take this piece of info as a warning, however.

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