Jan 6 hearings – live: Trump Truth Social tirade ‘tantamount to confession of guilt’

Trump claims he never asked Pence to overturn 2020 elections

As Donald Trump continues his campaign against the 6 January select committee, panel member Jamie Raskin has said the former president’s rantings effectively amount to a confession of guilt.

“He’s essentially saying, ‘Yeah, I did it, and I’ll do it again,’ which is what we have been contending all along,” Mr Raskin told NBC News. “If you allow impunity for attempts at unconstitutional seizures of power, which is what a coup is, then you’re inviting it again in the future.”

The former president has made two speeches this weekend amplifying his baseless election fraud conspiracy theories and lashing out at Democrats. On Sunday he posted a furious rant on Truth Social, turning his attention to the next hearing set for Tuesday, which will feature Georgia election officials he asked to “find” him votes.

Trump’s advisers say he has grown angry and unhappy watching the hearings and is frustrated seeing clips of his family members including Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner being used against him, according to reports.


‘Pouring gasoline on the fire’: Trump knew election plot was illegal but egged on riot

The third public hearing into the Capitol riot heard evidence that Donald Trump was repeatedly told his plan to overturn the election result was illegal, even by the lawyer urging him to do so.

Attorney John Eastman also asked for a pardon after pushing a scheme to pressure then vice president Mike Pence into unilaterally rejecting electoral votes from swing states won by Joe Biden.

Video depositions made public by the House January 6 select committee revealed that Mr Trump knew the plan to have his vice-president commandeer the 6 January 2021 session of Congress and declare themselves winners of the election violated the law.

The Independent’s Washington team recap Thursday’s bombshell hearing.

Oliver O’Connell20 June 2022 14:00


Watch: Jamie Raskin on Trump’s “admission of guilt”

6 January committee member Jamie Raskin, who led the House team in the second Trump impeachment, yesterday appeared on NBC News to address the former president’s various rantings about his panel’s work and the recent hearings, which have offered a devastating account of how the Trump inner circle tried to force Mike Pence to throw out the 2020 election result in Congress.

Watch his remarks below:

Andrew Naughtie20 June 2022 13:18


Dr Oz appears to edit Juneteenth message to remove word ‘equality’

A Pennsylvania US Senate candidate’s effort to celebrate Juneteenth on Donald Trump’s Truth Social platform ended in awkwardness when commenters noticed a key word omitted from the final draft.

In a “Truth” posted by Mehmet Oz, better known as TV’s Dr Oz, on Sunday the Republican candidate proclaimed that “[o]ur country is better because of our freedoms, and our unity”.

But Twitter and Truth Social users including left-leaning activist Ron Filipkowski noted that an original draft of the message, which was “truthed” and then deleted, also listed one other virtue to be celebrated on Juneteenth: Equality.

John Bowden reports:

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Trump mocks ‘stupid’ Fox News for booking Bill Maher as a guest

Maher may have upset Mr Trump and been on his mind by saying on air that Florida governor Ron DeSantis would make a better Republican president than he would because “he’s not certifiably insane, that’s a great one to start off with”.

Read more:

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Poll shows most Americans back charges for Trump as Kinzinger suggests ex-president guilty of seditious conspiracy

A key Republican member of the January 6 committee is laying out the message that the panel’s lawmakers are pushing as they press forward with public hearings: Donald Trump should face criminal charges for his role in the attack on Congress.

Rep Adam Kinzinger made the case that there was enough evidence to charge the former president with the highest of charges pursued by the Justice Department in relation to the January 6 attack thus far, that of criminal seditious conspiracy, during an interview Sunday on ABC’s This Week.

“I certainly think the president is guilty of knowing what he did — seditious conspiracy, being involved in these kinds of different segments of pressuring DOJ, Vice President [Pence], et cetera,” said Mr Kinzinger.’

John Bowden has the latest from Washington, DC.

Oliver O’Connell20 June 2022 11:30


Watch: Dan Crenshaw and staff harassed at Texas GOP convention

‘Eyepatch McCain’: Dan Crenshaw and staff harassed at Texas GOP convention

Oliver O’Connell20 June 2022 10:30


Hillary Clinton hits out at ‘self-righteous’ Justice Alito

The former Secretary of State spoke out about the impending threat to abortion rights in America in an interview with the Financial Times, as the nation’s highest court is on the cusp of striking down the landmark ruling.

“The level of insidious rulemaking to further oppress women almost knows no end,” she said.

Ms Clinton blasted Justice Alito, who authored the Supreme Court’s leaked draft majority opinion overturning Roe, as “one of those self-righteous types” who has long railed against “letting women into the eating clubs”.

Rachel Sharp reports:

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Watch: Trump says he’s ‘most popular person’ with Hispanic community

Donald Trump says he’s the ‘most popular person’ in the US with the Hispanic community

Oliver O’Connell20 June 2022 08:30


Trump pledges to ‘never ride a bicycle’ after Biden fall

Trump pledges to ‘never ride a bicycle’ after Biden fall

Donald Trump has been mocking Joe Biden’s recent fall by pledging to “never ever ride a bicycle”. The former president was speaking at his American Freedom tour in Memphis, Tennessee, when he raised his hand as if under oath, to make the joke.Earlier, he posted a fake video on Truth Social of him pretending to hit Biden off his bike by swinging his golf club with such power that the ball hit him on the head.Biden says he is “fine” after the fall, which happened on a trip to Delaware.Click here to sign up to our newsletters.

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Watch: Adam Schiff says Mike Pence could be subpoenaed

Jan 6 committee member suggests Mike Pence could be subpoenaed

Oliver O’Connell20 June 2022 06:30

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