Jack Grealish told ‘put himself around better people’ as Danny Murphy slams behaviour

Manchester City playmaker Jack Grealish has been advised to “stay out of the firing line” in a stern warning from former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy.

Grealish, 26, has been in the headlines ever since City’s Premier League triumph, appearing to be somewhat worse for wear during the club’s trophy parade. The England international poked fun at his teammates as he drunk beer but some failed to see the funny side, with Simon Jordan branding him a “moron”.

The former Aston Villa captain has since jetted off to Ibiza then Las Vegas on holiday as he enjoys the off-season. Over the weekend, Grealish was seen stuffing cans in his shorts while “blurry-eyed” and “swaying” at a boozy pool party with Liverpool rival Andy Robertson.

While he is a hugely popular figure who transcends football, Murphy is concerned the gifted attacking midfielder could be bringing unwanted attention to himself. “He has made a rod for his own back, Jack,” the 45-year-old told talkSPORT.

“He has become a target because he’s got himself in some situations that you shouldn’t get yourself in. And once you’ve had a couple of misdemeanours and a couple of problems that have been well documented, you then have to put your head down and stay out of the firing line.

“And there’s ways and means of doing it. Even the end of season stuff, when you’ve just won the league and you’re looking like you’re more done in than everyone else, you start saying a couple of silly things.”

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Jack Grealish was worse for wear at Manchester City’s Premier League title celebrations
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In some frank advice for Grealish, Murphy questioned whether he is surrounding himself with people who will have the best impact on his career. “There’s so much more room for him to improve and be better,” he added on the gifted player.

“And I think maybe he’s got to get himself into a situation where he’s putting himself around better people, who don’t encourage him to be in Vegas and be the first one at the party and the last one out. You can be more discreet in where you go and how you do it.

“He’ll still have a great career and he’ll still win things and be successful and very wealthy but will he be the best he can be by continually putting himself in his position? He is sought-after because of the way he looks, he’s a bit of a ‘Jack The Lad’, excuse the pun. But he could be cuter and cleverer with better support around him and where he socialises and how he’s portrayed.”

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