Is Duggar Christmas Canceled with Josh in Prison?

This year, Josh Duggar will spend Thanksgiving in prison. It will be the first of many after his sentencing this spring.

Obviously, that will not be fun for him.

But Josh being in prison where he belongs will also exact a toll on his extended family. Especially during holidays.

What will a Duggar Christmas look like this year while Josh is only beginning to serve his sentence?

So Many Duggars, So Few MasksSo Many Duggars, So Few Masks
“We had an absolutely wonderful time at our third annual Duggar Family Ugly Sweater Party!! Everyone went ALL OUT on their outfits, but John was the ultimate winner of the ugliest sweater!!” the family wrote on Facebook.

Josh is set to serve twelve years behind bars. The Duggar clan is looking at many holidays and milestones without him.

(Not enough, sadly, but at least the little girls won’t have to be around him for the next decade)

Different families have different approaches to missing someone over the holidays. But it sounds like the Duggars can’t quite agree amongst themselves on how to handle this.

Duggars GaloreDuggars Galore
There are so many Duggars featured in this photo. To be fair, there are so many Duggars in the world.

RadarOnline reports that there are some serious tensions brewing within the Duggar family.

We’re halfway into November. Of course they’re making plans for next month’s holiday season.

Well … we say “holiday season” because there are more than a dozen holidays in different faiths next month. In their household, that means Christmas and only Christmas, of course.

Josh Duggar's Post-Conviction Mug ShotJosh Duggar's Post-Conviction Mug Shot
Josh Duggar is hoping to get out of prison.

According to the report, Anna is still keeping her distance from her in-laws as the family makes plans.

She is not alone, either.

Reportedly, Jinger, Jessa, and Jill are all in a similar boat, albeit for different reasons.

“The whole family is in chaos,” the insider alleged, “and fighting.”

While there are many causes for conflict within the Duggar family, Josh’s CSAM conviction and incarceration have taken center stage.

“Most of the siblings can’t bear to be in the same room together,” the source dished.

There are just so many Duggars. And here so many of them are, all in one majestic photograph.

As we have previously reported, Anna is allegedly contemplating a move to Texas to be close to her disgraced criminal husband.

All indications are that she is “still sore” at his siblings because they spoke against him, both on social media and in court.

“No one’s happy,” the insider characterized the general Duggar vibes at the moment.

Josh Duggar scored a rare legal victory this week. He was granted an extension in filing an appeal.

Anna has seven children with Josh. She had Baby #7 in October 2021. That now one-year-old was a newborn during Josh’s trial.

Unfortunately, Anna had the poor judgment to stand by Josh during all of this. Not only publicly, but reportedly privately, too.

This has led her to lash out at friends and family. Anna has evil spun wild political conspiracy theories rather than face the truth.

Josh Duggar received support from his wife during his trial. (Photo via Getty)

We mentioned that this will be the first Christmas since Josh’s sentencing.

Obviously, Josh’s conviction came just a short time before Christmas 2021. So this is not the family’s first big holiday season since the scandal erupted.

But Josh’s sentencing took place in May. Some things may have settled down in the year since Josh’s conviction. Other things … not so much.

Duggars Celebrate ChristmasDuggars Celebrate Christmas
We hope Josh Duggar has an awful Christmas. We hope his family member have a merry one, however.

And, of course, Josh is determined to continue his fight to subvert justice. He is filing multiple appeals and requesting multiple extensions.

Many wrongfully convicted or unjustly sentenced prisoners have used this system to make things right.

Josh wants to make things wrong, simply put. He is not enjoying prison. An environment of adult men sounds like the opposite of what he would enjoy, so that’s no surprise.

Josh Duggar is booked while in handcuffs after guilty verdictJosh Duggar is booked while in handcuffs after guilty verdict

Many families find that not everyone can get together for various holidays. People live in different cities and they form their own traditions.

But it’s a little different when one person is locked away in prison (where he belongs), and family tensions keep others at bay.

We’re sure that the Duggar clan will still have a big Christmas celebration. But will it really be the same? Never.

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