I’m a Stylist Who Wears Flats Every Day—These 5 Pairs Go With Everything

 With so many pairs to choose from, though, the options are almost dizzying, which is why we’re turning to a fashion insider and arbiter of cool flats, Sydney Engelhart. The L.A.-based stylist and consultant has been in the fashion world for over seven years—currently, she works with clients like Gabrielle Union and Zaya Wade alongside Thomas Christos Kikis and more recently has been doing creative direction and consulting for both brands and and celebs.

Engelhart has almost always had an affinity for flats and the cool outfits she regularly displays on her Instagram are a trove of styling inspiration. “There is something so feminine and polished about them without denying yourself comfort,” she explained. “I really believe in the power of a chic flat so I’m happy they are having a moment right now so I can really indulge.” The flats in her arsenal are just as good as the outfits she wears them with and Engelhart describes her everyday style as tailored and classic, insisting that comfort is key, especially for long days on set. “I’m very petite so I tailor everything. It makes the biggest difference in my wardrobe and really elevates every look,” she added.

To narrow in on some of the coolest flat of the moment, see (and shop) the top five pairs that Engelhart has on heavy rotation right now.

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