I’m a Hair Color Monogamist, But These Spring Trends Are So Good I’m Cheating

Oh, you thought we’d just be covering trends for the hair on our scalps? Nope—various brow trends have been growing in momentum over the past few years, and according to Tardo, certain looks (ahem, bleach!) will reach a fever pitch in 2022. “This spring we are seeing a lot of lightened brows,” he confirms. “Although mild brow bleaching can create a natural, softer appearance, this year, a stronger look is surfacing on the runways and amongst the fashion set, and I love the contrast of a light brow against dark hair for an otherworldly appearance.

Although we may not realize it, our brows are constantly growing and shedding. This means that if you are going to try a bleached brow look, you will need to refresh the lightening process frequently, but if you want to try the trend just temporarily, remember that it’s easy to redye or tint your brows back to their natural color. A purple shampoo like Sachajuan’s can be used on your brows once a week to keep the tone pure platinum, and not yellow.”

Not into the idea of completely altering the color of your actual brows? Try About-Face’s limited edition Fractal Glitter Brow Gel. Not only does it lend an ethereal hint of shimmer (so good for festival season), but there are also multiple shades to choose from like green, gold, white, and magenta. Or, if you want to really lean into the bleached trend, top your newly lightened brows off with the Fractal Glitter. (Yep, beyond!)

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