I’m 57, and I Recommend These Compliment-Worthy Items to Everyone I Know

We’re always interested in styling tips from Melissa Meyers. She’s a Los Angeles–based influencer that happens to be 57 years old. And while age clearly has nothing to do with what you should or shouldn’t wear, it’s her more experienced sartorial point of view that’s quite intriguing. On that note, we wanted to get further intel on the items she’s wearing on repeat at the moment. In fact, she also recommends the pieces to everyone she knows when they ask for fashion guidance.

Keep scrolling to check out the trends Meyers is all about this season. Fun fact: She also routinely gets compliments when she steps out in the items in question. You’ll also find styling references from Meyers, along with a range of shopping recommendations if you too want to add one of her favorites to your own wardrobe. 

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