If They’re Not High, I Don’t Want Them: 29 Heeled Boots I’m Buying Immediately

We’re currently in the era of the comfort shoe, and it shows: Uggs sell out just as quickly as any It sneaker of the moment, and Birkenstocks are the flavor of the month for hypebeasts everywhere. But I, as well as any other fashion editor, know the most enjoyable wardrobe pieces are not always the most practical. Sure, it’s easier to navigate in a pair of flat boots with cushy soles, but the fashion person in me would rather teeter around in a pair of high-heeled boots. Frankly, if the boot doesn’t have a heel, I really don’t want it. 

A heeled boot is not only sleek and assertive, but it can also be a powerful and seductive accessory that speaks before you even enter a room. The number of times I’ve had others compliment my boots before even saying hello is immeasurable, and I can basically count on them as a conversation starter. But other than getting lots of attention, they also instantly uplift every piece they’re paired with, whether it’s casual blue jeans or tailored wool trousers.

As a perpetual fan of high-heeled boots, I always keep a running tally of my favorites (which happens to be quite a lot right now). Keep scrolling to join the club.

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