ICYMI: Paula’s Choice Is Taking Over the Internet—What to Try and Why

Skincare concerns: Fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, and loss of firmness/elasticity

This renewing moisturizer is noted as being formulated with retinol and powerful antioxidants to visibly improve wrinkles, hydration, and fine lines. Like the aforementioned cleansing scrub, the Barrier Repair Moisturizer uses green tea extracts (in addition to licorice root extracts, ceramide, and retinol) to nourish the skin’s moisture barrier and offer lasting hydration.

I’m a fan of this moisturizer because it kept my skin hydrated, bright, and blemish-free for the entire testing period. I especially loved how non-sticky the formula is: It glided right onto my skin and, with a few gentle brushes from the hand, absorbed entirely. It also provided a great base for my everyday makeup.

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