I woke up to find three cops in my bedroom when my toddler escaped at night – I feel like the ‘s****iest’ mum

A MUM was shocked to find three police officers in her bedroom in the middle of the night after her toddler escaped as she slept.

Ashley posted a video online warning other parents to childproof their homes after her two-year-old son left his bedroom unnoticed.

Mum Ashley recalled the terrifying night to her TikTok followers


Mum Ashley recalled the terrifying night to her TikTok followersCredit: tiktok/@mustangashley9

The mum from the United States told her TikTok followers she felt like the “s****iest mum” after the ordeal.

After putting her children to bed around 8.00pm, Ashley went about her evening, then checked on her son around 10.30pm.

She said: “I opened the door, I saw him in his bed, he was perfectly fine,”

Around 1.45am, Ashley and her husband awoke to three police officers in her bedroom, who informed her that her son was outside in an ambulance.

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Outside, the officers had discovered Ashley’s two-year-old son “crying, screaming and cold” in her front yard.

She said: “I feel like the s****iest mum ever!”

“The worst part is, I don’t know how long he was out there,”

She and her husband had child safety measures in place, but didn’t wake to the baby monitor, the door unlocking, or the police knocking on their front door.

Though her son is safe, Ashley said she won’t sleep well for a “very long time”.

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Earlier this year in Manchester, a mum Shannan Lees’ two-year-old son escaped from his nursery and crossed a road before workers realised he was gone.

Lees was distraught that her child was able to leave a nursery where he was meant to be under supervision.

The nursery released a statement after the incident, saying:

“This was an unfortunate incident, which has never happened before. Thankfully, on this occasion the child came to no harm, and we believe from our investigation he was missing for less than a minute.”

Other mums shared their experiences with their children escaping in the comments of Ashley’s video.

“I think all parents have a scare with their little ones getting out. It happened to me. I got the locks for the top of my doors as a secondary measure,” another mum said.

Ashley's son is safe and healthy after a wild night in the front yard


Ashley’s son is safe and healthy after a wild night in the front yardCredit: tiktok/@mustangashley9
Mum Ashley was understandably shaken up by the ordeal


Mum Ashley was understandably shaken up by the ordealCredit: tiktok/@mustangashley9

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