I Went On an H&M Deep Dive–31 Incredible Winter Finds I’m Telling Everyone About

The cold is upon us. With the temperatures quickly dropping, it’s time to beef up my current winter wardrobe. Clothing shopping can sneakily get really expensive, so I’m always on the lookout for deals on everything from classic winter staples to trendy styles. H&M has come through in many times of need when my closet wasn’t where it needed to be. I recently did a deep dive into the brand’s current winter offerings, and I landed on a selection of cold weather–friendly pieces worth taking a second look at.

As a fashion editor, I pick each and every item intentionally so it’s easy to add value to your existing wardrobe. Could your closet use a lush oversize red turtleneck? Perhaps you could do with cool faux-leather pants. There’s a range of styles ahead that’ll tackle a wide variety of winter-clothing needs, from classic to trendy.

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