I Stopped by the Urban Outfitters Store–17 Pieces I Tried on That are Worth It

Walking into a fresh, clean retail store has become a euphoric experience for me. There’s just something about seeing pieces IRL, starting a fitting room, and leaving with the immediate gratification of purchase that does it for me. This week, I popped (well intended to pop until I got carried away) into the three-story Herald Square Urban Outfitters store and two hours later, these are my findings. 

I tried on a mixture of comfortable knitwear, modern basics, lustworthy accessories, and (one of my favorite items to shop at Urban Outfitters) pants. From cargo pants to baggy jeans to relaxed trousers, I definitely hit the pants jackpot.

PSA, I took pictures of everything I loved and included it below so that you can shop right from the comfort of your couch. Keep scrolling to enjoy in the experience. 

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