I Have a $250 Credit at Net-a-Porter—29 Finds Sitting in My Cart As We Speak

I hardly have to explain myself when I say that Net-a-Porter is one of my favorite places to shop. More than one open tab can always be found in my browser window, mostly because I’ve gotten into the habit of popping into their new arrivals section in the morning to see what the latest finds are. I tell myself that it’s all in the name of research for which items to put into my shopping stories but I’d be lying if I said that it wasn’t at least a little bit personally-motivated. Yep, I always end up with a few new finds in my cart whenever I visit the site.

On this particular occasion, I focused my shopping spree (er, research) on the more affordable end of the luxury spectrum. While it usually requires a sizable budget, I wanted to challenge myself to source the best Net-a-Porter shopping under $250 for a few reasons. The first of which being that I have a credit from a past purchase awaiting me around the same amount but also because the retailer is surprisingly home to a number of affordable-ish brands like Frankie Shop, Agolde, Leset, and so many more. Between beautiful basics, A+ denim, and some trendy accessories, I went through the site and found a trove of great finds, so continue on to see the best Net-a-Porter shopping right now, all under $250.

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