How old is Gerard Depardieu and is he married?

ICONIC French film star Gerard Depardieu has been charged with raping a young actress in her 20s.

Depardieu has appeared in around 170 movies and is one of France’s most prolific actors. We take a closer look at his work and personal life.

 Actor Gerard Depardieu is regarded as a French icon and has starred in 170 films


Actor Gerard Depardieu is regarded as a French icon and has starred in 170 filmsCredit: AFP

How old is Gerard Depardieu?

The French star was born in Châteauroux, France on 27 December 1948, making him 72-years-old.

He is one of five siblings and decided to leave school at the age of 13 to take up a job at a print works.

As a young man, he became involved in selling stolen goods and at one time in his life served a period of probation.

He left his hometown for Paris at the age of 16, where he took up acting and dance.

In 1970, he married Élisabeth Guignot, with whom he had two children, Guillaume and Julie.

His son Guillaume died in 2008, aged 37.

While separated from Élisabeth, he had a daughter, Roxanne, with model Karine Silla in 1992.

In 2006, Depardieu had a son, Jean, with French-Cambodian Hélène Bizot.

In January 2013, Depardieu became a Russian citizen after complaining of high French taxes.

 Depardieu's son Guillaume, also an actor, died aged 37 from pneumonia


Depardieu’s son Guillaume, also an actor, died aged 37 from pneumoniaCredit: AFP

When was he charged with rape?

On August 30, 2018, news emerged that the now 72-year-old had been accused of raping and sexually assaulting an actress in her early 20s.

The woman revealed she was abused in Depardieu’s Parisian mansion flat between August 7 and 13.

At the time of the incident, Depardieu said to be “stunned” by the claims and denies the allegations against him.

In 2018 but the case was dropped due to a lack of evidence.

But in 2019, the actress relaunched the proceedings, leading to criminal charges filed in December, a judicial source told AFP on Tuesday.

He has now been charged with raping the 22-year-old actress.

 The actor has been charged with raping a 22-year-old actress


The actor has been charged with raping a 22-year-old actressCredit: AFP

What are his most famous films?

Depardieu has stared in around 170 films and is one of France’s most prolific stars.

He is also highly regarded as the most famous non-English speaking actor of this generation.

The French icon gained international recognition in 1990 after starring in English language comedy “Green Card”.

He also starred in Cyrano de Bergerac in 1990, The Man in the Iron Mask in 1998, and Life of Pi in 2012.

His other memorable performances include Jean De Florette, The Last Holiday, The Count of Monte Christo, 36, Vatel, The Last Metro and La Femme d’à côté (The Woman Next Door).

Who is his partner Clementine Igou?

Depardieu has lived with his partner Clementine Igou since 2005.

The couple have a 30-year age gap, with Clementine aged around 41.

They met in Italy in 2004 and were said to be drawn together through their mutual love of wine – she is the marketing director for a Tuscan Vineyard, while Depardieu owns a vineyard in the same region.

The couple keep a relatively low-profile and were publically photographed together for the first time in 2014.

Clementine is also a novelist and splits her time between France and Italy.

French movie star gets Russian citizenship

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