Horrifying moment huge great white shark stalks paddle boarders as beast swims dangerously close to shoreline

THE terrifying moment a huge great white shark swam under a group of paddleboarders has been captured on video.

The footage shows just how close the beast was to the shoreline as onlookers looked on in horror.    

Footage shows the moment the shark swam below shocked paddleboarders


Footage shows the moment the shark swam below shocked paddleboardersCredit: Reddit
Users in the comments believed it was likely to be a great white shark


Users in the comments believed it was likely to be a great white sharkCredit: Reddit

The sinister outline of the shark could be seen as it stalked the flimsy boards in scenes reminiscent of Jaws.

But luckily for those nearby, it decided to swim on as the short clip came to an end.

The user responsible for the Reddit post, claimed that it was simply a “normal” occurrence for regular paddleboarders in certain parts of world.

It came as other users in the comments noted just how calm the onlookers behaved as the huge beast passed by.

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“How are these people so calm?! There is a shark in the water,” one exclaimed.

A second wrote: “Awesome sight to behold though. I’d love to see a shark up close in person.”

While a third added: “Such a beautiful creature. “A big boi too. Wouldn’t want to go swim tho.”

The footage comes just a day after a panicked paddleboarder filmed his terrifying experience at the mercy of a huge tiger shark as it hunted turtles below him.

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Video showed Aussie Brodie Moss as he was thrown into the sea after the predator had chomped on his board by mistake.

Thankfully he was unharmed in the close encounter.  

He wrote alongside the video on Instagram: “A humbling reminder for myself that it’s their ocean and I’m just a visitor!

“I love sharks and this little accident was not the big fellas fault.”

The viral video was filmed in Western Australia – notably one of the world’s hot spots for shark attacks on humans.

In November 2020 a bodyboarder was savaged to death near Broome, the eighth fatal attack that year.

A year later Brit dad Paul Millachip was mauled to death while swimming in Freemantle.

There were claims he was attacked by a great white and a tiger shark at the same time.

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In February this year a British diving instructor was killed by a 15ft great white in Sydney.

Experts say most victims are bitten when the sharks mistake them for prey such as seals.

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