Gabby Petito news – latest: Officers in bodycam stop to be investigated as TikTok claims Laundrie in Canada

Police continue search for Brian Laundrie

Funeral services for Gabby Petito are up in the air as the Teton County Medical Examiner has yet to release her remains to her family. The family’s lawyer said once Ms Petito’s body is back in New York with her family they will determine specifics for her funeral service.

Thursday marked the sixth day in the search for Brian Laundrie. A TikTok user claimed she saw Mr Laundrie in Canada, though there’s no indication any law enforcement agency is taking her claim seriously. On Wednesday, a team of divers joined police and FBI agents using boats and helicopters looking for Brian Laundrie, 23, in the alligator-infested Carlton Reserve on Wednesday, but a spokesman said at nightfall that they had found “nothing” to show for their efforts, according to Reuters.

Authorities have not said why they are convinced Laundrie, who police call a “person of interest” in the case, may still be somewhere inside the more than 24,000-acre preserve near his home in North Port, Florida, more than a week after he told family members he was headed there to hike alone.

North Port police say Laundrie’s parents did not report him missing until 14 September, three days after the family last saw him. The Carlton Reserve has more than 80 miles (128 km) of hiking trails but is dominated by swampy water.

Also on Wednesday, a witness came forward to describe a stand-up argument between Laundrie and a waitress at a restaurant in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, around the time Ms Petito is believed to have sent her final text to her mother.

Nina Celie Angelo told Fox News she saw Mr Laundrie arguing with several female staff at Tex-Mex restaurant Merry Piglets between 1pm and 2pm on 27 August.

If confirmed, it would be one of the last sightings of Ms Petito alive.


More questionable reports of Brain Laundrie sightings – this time in Canada

A TikTok user going by the name @cwlynnn claimed in a TikTok video on Wednesday that she saw a man that resembled Brian Laundrie who was acting “flustered.”

The witness claims she told the hotel staff about the man’s apparent similarity to Mr Laundrie. The hotel staffer allegedly told her that the man she was describing did not know where he was and had come to the wrong hotel.

The woman in the video claims she told the FBI about the possible sighting and reported it to the local media in Canada.

There is no indication that the FBI or any Canadian authorities have taken the tip – first reported on by The Sun – seriously. There have been at least two other sightings of Mr Laundrie that have not panned out despite receiving loads of attention from people following the search.

A witness told police they saw a man resembling Mr Laundrie near Tillman’s Corner, Alabama. Police found no evidence of Mr Laundrie anywhere in the area.

Later, trail cam footage captured an image of a hiker who resembled Mr Laundrie. After police investigated the area they found the man who was captured by the trail camera and confirmed it was not Mr Laundrie.

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Utah police under investigation for response to Gabby Petito incident in Moab City

The Moab City Police Department will investigate the officers who spoke with Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie after a 911 caller reported Mr Laundrie was hitting her.

The officers separated the couple for the night on 12 August after questioning them about the incident.

The Independent’s Graeme Massie has more on the story below…

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North Port police share video of difficult terrain inside Carlton Reserve

The North Port police shared an image of officers riding in a swamp buggy through the “rough” terrain inside the Carlton Reserve, where police are searching for Brian Laundrie.

The search for Mr Laundrie has entered its sixth day. Police have not turned up any leads as of yet.

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Memorial for Gabby Petito set up outside Monarch art space and restaurant in Utah

A memorial for Gabby Petito has been set up outside the Monarch restaurant and collaborative art space in Ogden, Utah. Ms Petito took her final Instagram photo next to a large wall mural at the location.

For more on the growing memorial, check out the story by The Independent’s Helen Elfer below.

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Gabby Petito funeral plans up in the air

The lawyer representing Gabby Petito’s family said that funeral plans would be made after her stepfather returns her body to her family in New York.

According to the lawyer, the Teton County Medical Examiner is still examining Ms Petito’s remains.

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Brian Laundrie’s parents recover the silver Mustang

Brian Laundrie’s parents left their home this morning in a red pickup truck, according to reporters set up near their home.

Some time later, the couple returned home with the silver Mustang that belonged to their son. The Mustang was towed away on Tuesday while the FBI searched the Laundrie’s home.

After Mr Laundrie’s parents dropped the car off at their house, they left again in a red truck and reportedly have not returned.

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Stepfather lays flowers at site where Petito’s body was found

In case you missed this from last night. The stepfather of Gabby Petito visited the place close to a mountain campsite where the young woman’s remains were found, according to a close friend.

As officials reopened the Spread Creek campsite, a number of campers, tourists and the media made their way to the spot where it is believed the young woman’s body had been found. Members of the media discovered a cross fashioned from 18 pebbles, in a riverbed.

Gary Rider, a friend of Gabby’s stepfather Jim Schmidt, said the pair had visited the site on Wednesday and that they had left some flowers next to the other cross. “We did go – the small cross with flowers was made by Jim and myself,” Mr Rider told The Independent.

Our chief US correspondent Andrew Buncombe reports:

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‘Still no sign of Laundrie this morning,’ says CNN reporter

CNN’s Nia Phillips reports the following:

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Pleas for missing Lauren Cho to get ‘Petito coverage’ after she vanishes

The family of missing Lauren Cho have pleaded for the same level of media coverage as Gabby Petito received after she vanished from California’s high desert.

Ms Cho, 30, was reported missing in late June after she disappeared in California’s Yucca Valley, reports Graeme Massie.

Earlier this week her friends and family wrote on Facebook that they understood the comparisons that were being made online to their daughter’s disappearance and the killing of Ms Petito.

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A timeline of social media star Petito’s disappearance

To keep you clued up, here’s a timeline of everything we know about Gabby Petito’s disappearance so far.

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