First-Grader Insists On Mask For School Picture

A first-grader in Nevada is making adorable news after he insisted he wear his mask for a school picture.

The boy’s mother, Nicole Peoples, described the incident on her Facebook page, writing that she’s happy her son is listening to her, but should’ve been more clear.

“I’m so proud of him for sticking to his word but I should have been more clear about my rules on this day,” she captioned over a picture of her masked son Mason.

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In further describing the hilarious incident, Nicole said the exchange started with the photographer telling Mason to remove his mask for the photo.

In response, he told the photographer, “My mom said to keep it on all the time unless I’m eating and far away from everybody.”

Nicole said the photographer tried to reassure her son, telling him, “I’m sure it’s ok to take it off for your pictures.” But Mason refused: “No, my mom seriously told me to make sure to keep it on.”

When asked one more time if he’d remove the mask for just a few seconds, Mason stood his ground, saying, “No thank you, I always listen to my mom!”

While the incident may have not created the ideal photo, many on Facebook commended Mason for his sticktoitiveness. 

“I love it! What an incredible keepsake from this crazy era we’re living through,” one commenter wrote. “You should be proud! It has to be hard to stand up to an adult but he had the confidence to stand up for what he thought was right. Good job mama!” another noted.

In response to her and her son’s newfound viral fame, Nicole Peoples started a GoFundMe to raise money for Mason’s college fund rather than physical gifts, like ice cream, that many wanted to send him. As of Saturday afternoon, it’s raised over $10,000.

See the hilarious Facebook post below.

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