FIFA 22 players to receive free packs after EA’s Headliners Aaron Ramsdale error

EA Sports has confirmed that free FUT 22 Packs will be given out after Headliners Aaron Ramsdale was incorrectly listed in packs last week.

On Friday, December 31, 2021, EA released Team 1 of their FIFA 22 Headliners Promo at 18:00 GMT, featuring Kylian Mbappe and Virgil van Dijk. But , EA wrongly listed Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale as being available in FUT packs, showcasing the card in-game despite the item not yet being released into packs.

This meant that once again, the release of a new promo was far from straightforward for EA, with players who packed Ramsdale left disappointed as they received his Rare Silver Player Item.

The Headliners promo features a set of the season’s most in-form players so far, rewarded with special dynamic player items that receive a permanent upgrade on release, with the potential to be upgraded further based on their individual and team performances throughout the remainder of the real-life season.

The issue was quickly resolved by EA, but there was a significant period of time when Ramsdale’s card was being wrongly marketed as being in packs, and so packs had been opened where a player who was meant to be included, wasn’t.

On December 31, 2021, EA released a statement from their FIFA Direct Communications Twitter account, saying “earlier today in-game, the Headliner Aaron Ramsdale Player Item was incorrectly listed as being available in Packs. Upon discovering the issue, we have now made this Player Item available in Packs.

“Players who received a Silver Aaron Ramsdale base Player Item, while the issue was active, will receive the Headliner version.

“Players who opened Packs that could contain Rare Gold Player Items, while the issue was active, will receive a Pack of the same type for each Pack they had opened.

“It will take some time to identify the impacted players, and we’ll provide an update early next week after further investigation. The Headliner Aaron Ramsdale Item will remain available in Packs until the end of Headliners as a result.”

Five days later, on January 4, 2021, EA then released an updated statement, reading: “Update: We are continuing to identify impacted players and are aiming to message them in-game by the end of this week.”

It’s not the first time EA has had to issue players with free items after an error, with thousands of FIFA players receiving free Ice Versus player items after they were wrongly removed from packs during the promo in December.

The issue wasn’t resolved instantly, with players catching on to the mistake and opening packs with the hope of receiving their base player item instead to receive a free version of the Versus Ice player item.

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