these 29 affordable mango pieces scream luxury, but are under $100

These 29 Affordable Mango Pieces Scream Luxury, But Are Under $100

Who said luxury living had to break the bank? As your resident shopping expert, I’m here to tell you that

i go wild for this french perfume brand—these are the 3 i spritz on repeat

I Go Wild for This French Perfume Brand—These Are the 3 I Spritz on Repeat

I wholeheartedly realize that even when I‘m completely ecstatic about a certain perfume brand or particular scent, that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone is. (Fragrance

i've uncovered 28 expensive looking affordable winter pieces from nordstrom

I’ve Uncovered 28 Expensive-Looking Affordable Winter Pieces From Nordstrom

Nordstrom is one of our favorite destinations for high-end fashion favorites. Little do most know the retailer actually stocks a

8 celebrity hairstyles to recreate for your next holiday party

8 Celebrity Hairstyles to Recreate for Your Next Holiday Party

Photography by Getty ImagesFrom Bella Hadid’s glam braided bun to Alicia Keys’ bedazzled hairline. By Lauren Knowles Date November 30,

this perfume was "tacky" and "unsophisticated" until it took over the internet

This Perfume Was “Tacky” and “Unsophisticated” Until It Took Over the Internet

Elena Vosnaki, author and senior editor at and founder of, says that gourmands have currently taken over the

kate middleton arrives in the u.s

Kate Middleton Arrives in the U.S. for the First Time in 8 Years—See the Pics

Welcome to America, Will and Kate! The Prince and Princess of Wales just touched down on U.S. soil for the

an nyc girl walks into nordstrom—7 winter trends she'd buy and 7 she'd skip

An NYC Girl Walks Into Nordstrom—7 Winter Trends She’d Buy and 7 She’d Skip

Everyone loves Nordstrom, but perhaps none more than the fashion set in New York City. With the end of the year

this plastic surgeon shares some of her favorite nonsurgical procedures

This Plastic Surgeon Shares Some of Her Favorite Nonsurgical Procedures

Can we briefly talk about some of the nonsurgical paths? What actually makes a difference? What is actually worth people’s

5 excellent alternatives to those sold out bottega veneta earrings

5 Excellent Alternatives to Those Sold Out Bottega Veneta Earrings

Photography courtesy of ImaxtreeThe luxury brand’s outsized Drop earrings went viral and quickly sold out — here are a handful

i just came back from tokyo—here's everything i packed and wore

I Just Came Back From Tokyo—Here’s Everything I Packed and Wore

Despite being a triple earth sign and a type A person to my core, packing isn’t my strong suit. I

30 fluffy winter accessories to keep you warm

30 Fluffy Winter Accessories to Keep You Warm

Photography courtesy of ImaxTreeFrom shearling mittens to faux fur hats. A drop in temperature means all we want to do


J.Lo Casually Wore a Sheer Maxi Skirt With Platforms and Fishnets

It might feel early in the season for holiday dressing, but Jennifer Lopez doesn’t live on anyone’s schedule, so of course, she’d

how to channel the absurdity of “emilycore” from emily in paris

How to Channel the Absurdity of “Emilycore” from Emily in Paris

Photography by Marie Etchegoyen/NetflixAhead of season three, we break down Emily Cooper’s style rulebook and how to get the look

high fashion growth likely in middle east, n america in 2023: mckinsey

High fashion growth likely in Middle East, N America in 2023: McKinsey

The war in Ukraine, rising inflation and supply chain pressures are the biggest threats to the fashion industry in the

global metaverse company trace network labs reveals product roadmap

Global metaverse company Trace Network Labs reveals product roadmap

Trace Network Labs, a decentralised protocol for enabling multi-chain, cross chain handling of lifestyle for metaverses, has revealed its full

26 pieces from mulberry at the top of one editor's holiday wish list

26 Pieces From Mulberry at the Top of One Editor’s Holiday Wish List

The holidays are just around the corner, and I couldn’t be more delighted. It feels like the first “normal” holiday

i just found the perfect $80 alt for ashley olsen's gorgeous $3,000 handbag

I Just Found the Perfect $80 Alt For Ashley Olsen’s Gorgeous $3,000 Handbag

Ashley Olsen could wear anything and we’d think it was chic, and for good reason. It usually is. One half of

hailey bieber wore the platform uggs that sell out every december

Hailey Bieber Wore the Platform Uggs That Sell Out Every December

Hailey Bieber definitely plays favorites when it comes to the brands in her closet. She has a penchant for wearing

the 31 coziest winter boots (beyond uggs)

The 31 Coziest Winter Boots (Beyond Uggs)

ICYMI, this winter I’ve already dedicated quite a few stories to Ugg boots since they have a celeb following that

9 affordable places women actually buy work clothes

9 Affordable Places Women Actually Buy Work Clothes

There’s no doubt that the past two years have changed our perception of “office dressing,” with many of us now

15 thigh high boot outfits we're re creating

15 Thigh-High-Boot Outfits We’re Re-Creating

Real talk: While thigh-high boots may be a fan favorite among designers, fashion girls, and women everywhere, they aren’t exactly the

psoriasis can wreak havoc on your scalp—these pro approved shampoos help

Psoriasis Can Wreak Havoc on Your Scalp—These Pro-Approved Shampoos Help

It’s all about what’s in our shampoos and what isn’t. On Reavey’s list of nos are ingredients that strip or

i got distracted from gift buying by these 17 affordable beauty sets

I Got Distracted From Gift Buying by These 17 Affordable Beauty Sets

Although I’m fully aware that now is the time to get my holiday shopping done for others, I find myself adding

presenting: the 5 most influential trends happening in fragrance right now

Presenting: The 5 Most Influential Trends Happening in Fragrance Right Now

Fragrance will always be an extension of how we represent ourselves. However, as we learn more about brands, it can

i have green eyes—these 14 eye shadows make them pop

I Have Green Eyes—These 14 Eye Shadows Make Them Pop

Did you know that only 2% of people worldwide have green eyes? That’s right—if you’re lucky enough to have green eyes,

i'm convinced perfumes with this underrated note smell better than any others

I’m Convinced Perfumes With This Underrated Note Smell Better Than Any Others

I’m a strong believer that peony perfumes deserve to be worn year-round. Who wants to wait until the weather warms up

from cbk to tlc, these are the 10 looks that still hold up today

From CBK to TLC, These Are the 10 Looks That Still Hold Up Today

As we near the end of the year, I’m taking a moment to look back on all this year’s beauty trends

i had no idea serums could reduce redness, but these reviews sold me

I Had No Idea Serums Could Reduce Redness, But These Reviews Sold Me

I’ve never really had to deal with skin redness that much before—just a little bit on my nose, and that’s

shop 28 of this week's best new arrivals, from j

Shop 28 of This Week’s Best New Arrivals, From J.Crew Heels to Reformation Tops

Happy Wednesday! It’s time for our weekly installment of new arrivals. In case you’re unfamiliar, every week, I search high

shop 27 of this week's best new arrivals, from j

Shop 27 of This Week’s Best New Arrivals, From J.Crew Heels to Reformation Tops

Happy Wednesday! It’s time for our weekly installment of new arrivals. In case you’re unfamiliar, every week, I search high

tiktok can't get over this "model cheekbones" contour trick—here's how to try it

TikTok Can’t Get Over This “Model Cheekbones” Contour Trick—Here’s How to Try It

First things first. This is the product I used. It’s actually not a contour stick. It’s a makeup multi-stick that can

these are the 29 best designer snow boots on the internet

These Are the 29 Best Designer Snow Boots on the Internet

Let’s be honest. Surviving the snowy season is not at all easy. When the snow is really coming down and you haven’t

5 outfits that are not only uncomplicated but also affordable

5 Outfits That Are Not Only Uncomplicated But Also Affordable

I’m always looking for easy outfit ideas. Whether it’s a look for a trip, the office, a day out on a

31 popular nordstrom items that are flying off the shelves

31 Popular Nordstrom Items That Are Flying Off the Shelves

It’s no secret we’re big Nordstrom fans over at WWW. It’s got the best of both worlds with its top-quality

15 uncomplicated holiday party outfits i'd like to copy and paste from instagram

15 Uncomplicated Holiday Party Outfits I’d Like to Copy and Paste From Instagram

This time of the year is a busy one. Between winter work deadlines, press events, holiday dinners, gift shopping, and

this 3 piece outfit formula creates my go to adult uniform

This 3 Piece Outfit Formula Creates My Go-To Adult Uniform

As I’ve gotten older, some semblance of a personal style has started to emerge. While I love checking out the

embrace cozy season with these home and style upgrades

Embrace Cozy Season with These Home and Style Upgrades

Get your winter A-team ready with a sleep-altering comforter, sumptuous house dress, and plush sleep mask. By Jennifer Berry Date

kendall jenner just started a new legging outfit trend that'll be big in 2023

Kendall Jenner Just Started a New Legging-Outfit Trend That’ll Be Big in 2023

Ah, to have Kendall Jenner’s workout wardrobe. Just like every area of her highly enviable wardrobe, it never disappoints. Jenner

these beauty gift sets make the ultimate last minute holiday gift

These Beauty Gift Sets Make the Ultimate Last-Minute Holiday Gift

Graphic by Kayleen DicuangcoThere’s something for every beauty-lover on your shopping list. By Lauren Knowles Date November 29, 2022 Facebook

thanks, it's new: 17 items our editors added to their closets this month

Thanks, It’s New: 17 Items Our Editors Added to Their Closets This Month

Is anyone in need of some shopping inspiration? Well, nobody asked, but I’m certainly delivering anyway. With a dizzying number of new pieces hitting

30 major party bags that will make all of your holiday outfits

30 Major Party Bags That Will Make All of Your Holiday Outfits

With a flurry of holiday parties filling up your calendar for the rest of the year, naturally what you’ll wear

the worst shoes to wear with jeans

The Worst Shoes to Wear With Jeans

Calling all denim and shoe enthusiasts: Your summer-style tips have arrived. Jeans and shoes are a few of the most-loved,

i'm a fashion editor—these are my rules when it comes to wearing color

I’m a Fashion Editor—These Are My Rules When It Comes to Wearing Color

Dopamine dressing isn’t going anywhere, because goodness knows we all need a pick-me-up right now. And where better to start

how to walk gracefully in heels: 7 tricks that work

How to Walk Gracefully in Heels: 7 Tricks That Work

When Marilyn Monroe supposedly said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world,” we’re fairly certain

i'm a stylist, and i always tell clients to wear these 5 shoe trends with jeans

I’m a Stylist, and I Always Tell Clients to Wear These 5 Shoe Trends With Jeans

VIP Nordstrom stylist Sandy Koszarek recently shared her favorite 2022 trends. While chatting with us, she also shared that one of the

true or false: cleansing balms are one of the best things you can use for acne

True or False: Cleansing Balms Are One of the Best Things You Can Use for Acne

The word noncomedogenic is key here. This means that the product is formulated without pore-clogging ingredients that tend to trap

your concealer is working too hard—these under $12 color correctors can fix that

Your Concealer Is Working Too Hard—These Under-$12 Color Correctors Can Fix That

Even though makeup gurus truly understand color theory and are often using prestige products, you don’t need to be a

i just got back from aspen—5 winter trends i'm convinced will take over in 2023

I Just Got Back From Aspen—5 Winter Trends I’m Convinced Will Take Over in 2023

The fact that Canadians are the first to know about the next big winter trends became very clear to me when

this outerwear is trending with new yorkers—21 that are already in my cart

This Outerwear Is Trending With New Yorkers—21 That Are Already in My Cart

As evidenced by a slew of influencers, the best-dressed celebrities, and top fashion houses, the racing and Formula One fashion influence is

as soon as i saw the new zara shoe drop, i texted my friends—29 pairs we love

As Soon as I Saw the New Zara Shoe Drop, I Texted My Friends—29 Pairs We Love

Despite the fact that I’m texting with my friends nearly every day, I don’t tell them about every single cool fashion find

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