5 summer trends that are high risk, high reward

5 Summer Trends That Are High-Risk, High-Reward

If last summer introduced the idea of Hot Girl Summer style, then 2022 is doubling down on the sartorial movement with

31 extremely chic pieces that are still available from the big zara sale

31 Extremely Chic Pieces That Are Still Available From the Big Zara Sale

Compared to other retailers, Zara sales are actually pretty rare, which kind of makes sense—the brand is so popular that they don’t

i polled derms on the best spfs for acne prone skin—these 14 are winners

I Polled Derms on the Best SPFs For Acne-Prone Skin—These 14 are Winners

First things first, it’s important to choose a formula that’s noncomedogenic, meaning, it’s designed not to clog your pores. “Look

every beauty editor i know loves kosas—the brand's best selling products, ranked

Every Beauty Editor I Know Loves Kosas—The Brand’s Best-Selling Products, Ranked

By now, I’m sure you’re either really sick of us talking about Kosas or simply love clean beauty and are itching to

we never thought we'd stop wearing our favorite perfumes—until we tried these 13

We Never Thought We’d Stop Wearing Our Favorite Perfumes—Until We Tried These 13

A new pair of jeans or heels is nice, but nothing puts quite the same pep in our step as

i shop all day for a living—these are the coolest things i've seen this month

I Shop All Day for a Living—These Are the Coolest Things I’ve Seen This Month

Somehow it’s almost July and my head is spinning. While the month of June may have flown by, I still

i check shopbop on a daily basis—these 29 summer items are favorites of mine

I Check Shopbop on a Daily Basis—These 29 Summer Items Are Favorites of Mine

I’m a huge Shopbop fan. It is my go-to retailer whenever I need a designer fix or a chic new accessory. I’m filling up my

this is it: the 26 absolute best beauty products we tried in june

This Is It: The 26 Absolute Best Beauty Products We Tried in June

By now, you’ve probably surmised that we test-drive a lot of beauty products here at Who What Wear HQ. From nail

these 30 new arrivals at zara are going to sell out by august

These 30 New Arrivals at Zara Are Going to Sell Out by August

When it comes to Zara shopping, I’m somewhat of an expert. I love to check new arrivals and scan to see

i'm a 34dd, so shopping for swimwear online isn't easy—10 epic styles i tried

I’m a 34DD, so Shopping for Swimwear Online Isn’t Easy—10 Epic Styles I Tried

Shopping for swimsuits used to be the absolute bane of my existence, and I just know that many of us share the

i'm stepping up my outfit with these under $100 game changing pieces

I’m Stepping Up My Outfit With These Under-$100 Game-Changing Pieces

Do you know what one of the best feelings in the world is when it comes to shopping? It’s that

i always shop at net a porter, matches, and frwd—30 cool finds i'm very into

I Always Shop at Net-a-Porter, Matches, and Frwd—30 Cool Finds I’m Very Into

As a fashion editor, it’s part of my job to know what is landing at retailers each week. While there

the 24 coolest vacation fashion finds, according to who what wear editors

The 24 Coolest Vacation Fashion Finds, According to Who What Wear Editors

With summer vacations in full swing and more on the calendar for the months ahead, I’ve been thinking a lot

andie macdowell on learning to love her signature curls

Andie MacDowell on Learning to Love her Signature Curls

PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY OF L’ORÉAL PARISThe legendary actor has thrived in youth-obsessed Hollywood by being true to herself. By Natasha Boateng

this sneaky madewell sale won't last past the long weekend—you know what to do

This Sneaky Madewell Sale Won’t Last Past the Long Weekend—You Know What to Do

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being a fashion editor, it’s that when a sale comes along that includes practically

thakoon panichgul on his meteoric rise and life changing creative reset

Thakoon Panichgul On His Meteoric Rise and Life-Changing Creative Reset

I’m curious about what that time [sabbatical] was like for you. Were you scared about walking away from it even

cut outs bring sexiness and self expression to fashion

Cut-outs Bring Sexiness and Self-Expression to Fashion

Alessandro Vigilante. PHOTOGRAPHY VIA IMAXTREE.COM“There are no more rules today about whose body or body type can go scantily clad.”

shop 31 of this week's best new arrivals

Shop 31 of This Week’s Best New Arrivals

Happy Wednesday! It’s time for our weekly installment of new arrivals. In case you’re unfamiliar, every week, I search high

i stalk h&m like it’s my job, so i assembled 6 chic outfits that are just easy

I Stalk H&M Like It’s My Job, So I Assembled 6 Chic Outfits That Are Just Easy

As a fashion editor, most of my day is spent looking at clothes and scoping out trends, but even as

i scroll h&m like it's my job, so i assembled 6 chic outfits that are just easy

I Scroll H&M Like It’s My Job, so I Assembled 6 Chic Outfits That Are Just Easy

As a fashion editor, most of my day is spent looking at clothes and scoping out trends, but there are

these best selling cult products are actually worth every single penny

These Best-Selling Cult Products Are Actually Worth Every Single Penny

As a beauty editor, I’m asked the most about one skincare brand, SkinCeuticals. “Are SkinCeuticals products really worth it?” and “Is

a french designer told me the top 5 jewelry trends for 2022

A French Designer Told Me the Top 5 Jewelry Trends for 2022

With so many jewelry trends out there, it can be a tad overwhelming to sort through the noise. That’s why

7 accessories french women use to elevate their outfits

7 Accessories French Women Use to Elevate Their Outfits

Accessories are potent. They have the power to take what is otherwise a pretty standard outfit and make it more exciting

i go wild for this french perfume brand—these are the 3 i spritz on repeat

I Go Wild for This French Perfume Brand—These Are the 3 I Spritz on Repeat

I wholeheartedly realize that even when I’m completely ecstatic about a certain perfume brand or particular scent, that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone is. (Fragrance

people are freaking out over this new, rainforest inspired scent—so we tried it

People Are Freaking Out Over This New, Rainforest-Inspired Scent—So We Tried It

Costa Brazil’s first foray into fragrance has the beauty industry abuzz. The sustainable beauty line, created by Francisco Costa and endlessly inspired

these 15 red lipsticks are nothing short of iconic, period

These 15 Red Lipsticks Are Nothing Short of Iconic, Period

If you ask me, red lipstick should be considered a neutral. It’s by far the most classic shade of lipstick, evocative

how jazmin alvarez is paving the way for a new kind of clean beauty

How Jazmin Alvarez is Paving the Way for a New Kind of Clean Beauty

Wow maybe I need to do that! I’ve definitely been wanting to keep things a lot simpler, too. Yes! And this

thanks, it's new: 19 items our editors added to their closets this month

Thanks, It’s New: 19 Items Our Editors Added to Their Closets This Month

Is anyone in need of some shopping inspiration? Well, nobody asked, but I’m certainly delivering anyway. With a dizzying number of new pieces hitting

we're leaking our secret wedding ideas, and they're too good to miss

We’re Leaking Our Secret Wedding Ideas, and They’re Too Good to Miss

What if I told you that you could get an inside glimpse at our editors’ wedding ideas? I know it

20 stunning bridal items i'm losing it over (and 15 to shop if you're a guest)

20 Stunning Bridal Items I’m Losing It Over (and 15 to Shop If You’re a Guest)

I have zero plans of getting married anytime soon, so the fact that these bridal items have such a choke

the 2022 wedding shopping guide: where to buy the coolest pieces of the season

The 2022 Wedding Shopping Guide: Where to Buy the Coolest Pieces of the Season

After the past two years of postponed weddings, micro weddings, and Zoom weddings due to the pandemic, it’s safe to

i'm going to 3 weddings this year—i tried on 20 dresses and loved these 13

I’m Going to 3 Weddings This Year—I Tried On 20 Dresses and Loved These 13

I have never been so excited about wedding season. Emotionally speaking, I’m overjoyed that many of my friends who have had

skinny jeans are out, and trash bag pants are in—28 pairs that will convince you

Skinny Jeans Are Out, and Trash-Bag Pants Are In—28 Pairs That Will Convince You

We’re back again to report on yet another pant trend we’re recommending in place of skinny jeans. From puddle pants to

8 aesthetic summer outfits i'm convinced are peak fashion girl

8 Aesthetic Summer Outfits I’m Convinced Are Peak Fashion Girl

As we near the height of summer, it’s a common experience to be running out of steam in the wardrobe

i'm somewhat of a swimwear expert, and i'm obsessing over these 23 swimsuits

I’m Somewhat of a Swimwear Expert, and I’m Obsessing Over These 23 Swimsuits

I would say when it comes to swimwear I am somewhat of an expert. I have tried almost every style of

okay, but these 31 urban outfitters items are wardrobe game changers

Okay, But These 31 Urban Outfitters Items Are Wardrobe Game Changers

I’ll admit it. I have been sleeping on Urban Outfitters lately. I had written the retailer off and hadn’t given its

skinny jeans are out, trash bag pants are in—28 pairs that will convince you

Skinny Jeans Are Out, Trash-Bag Pants Are In—28 Pairs That Will Convince You

We’re back again to report on yet another pant trend we’re recommending in place of skinny jeans. From puddle pants to

i'm a luxury handbag expert—these are the best valentino bags to invest in

I’m a Luxury-Handbag Expert—These Are the Best Valentino Bags to Invest In

Let me take you down memory lane for a second. Can you remember the first bag you ever owned that

the most effective acne treatments our readers love

The Most Effective Acne Treatments Our Readers Love

Simply put, it’s our job to find the best beauty products out there for you. From the newest serum to

these are the 31 most epic fashion items on sale right now

These Are the 31 Most Epic Fashion Items on Sale Right Now

If you’re looking for the best on-sale fashion items of the moment, you’re in luck because I’ve hunted them down

kendall jenner just did her version of the coastal grandma trend

Kendall Jenner Just Did Her Version of the Coastal Grandma Trend

If you’ve perused social media at all this summer, you’ve probably heard that the biggest aesthetic trend of the season

lady gaga relaunched her entire makeup brand—here's my honest reaction

Lady Gaga Relaunched Her Entire Makeup Brand—Here’s My Honest Reaction

Next was the Le Monster Lip Crayon, which, as I mentioned earlier, has been one of my regular go-to lipsticks.

trust us—these are the 12 best toners for all skin types and concerns

Trust Us—These Are the 12 Best Toners for All Skin Types and Concerns

Truman explains that toners should be used after cleansing and before applying serums, moisturizer or SPF. “Alternatively you can tone in the

every celeb's favorite denim brand just launched the collab of the summer

Every Celeb’s Favorite Denim Brand Just Launched the Collab of the Summer

Collaborations are a dime a dozen in fashion, with what seems like a new buzzy duo releasing on a daily

when elegance is the dress code, these dresses will get the job done

When Elegance Is The Dress Code, These Dresses Will Get The Job Done

It’s not imperative to wear a dress all summer, but it surely does make it fun. I call it the

it's official: these 5 sneaker trends are "in" for summer

It’s Official: These 5 Sneaker Trends Are “In” for Summer

Just put down the sandals for a second. I know it’s tempting to wear them 24/7 in this heat, but

it’s official: these are the 5 sneakers “in” for summer

It’s Official: These Are The 5 Sneakers “In” For Summer

Just put down the sandals for a second—I know it’s tempting to wear them 24/7 in this heat—but the wave

fashion people don't go on vacation without packing these 8 brands

Fashion People Don’t Go On Vacation Without Packing These 8 Brands

Right now it feels like the entire fashion crowd is flitting all over the world on their chic vacations. My social

we've reached the halfway point of 2022—see our most worn fashion items

We’ve Reached The Halfway Point of 2022—See Our Most Worn Fashion Items

Although it feels like 2022 just started, we’re already halfway through the year. As fashion editors, we’ve done a lot

calling all euphoria lovers: the show's makeup artist just launched her own line

Calling All Euphoria Lovers: The Show’s Makeup Artist Just Launched Her Own Line

I was a ’90s teen, so I’ve always been a fan of face gems, thanks to Gwen Stefani and Bjork,

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