Do Hair-Thickening Shampoos and Conditioners Really Work? We Found Out

Aside from keeping your scalp in tip-top shape, your next question might be, How do thickening shampoos and conditioners really work, then? According to McLaren, they perform a bit of a magician’s trick. They use powerful conditioning and growth-promoting ingredients like biotin that plump the hair follicle and increase strand strength over time. “The more moisture a strand of hair has, the more it swells and plumps, giving the appearance of thicker hair. Biotin improves the keratin infrastructure of hair and increases strength and vitality for thicker, more abundant locks,” he says.

Basically, if you’re looking for a way to help your hair appear less flat and lifeless, investing in one of these sets just might be worth it. It’s important to know beforehand that the ingredients usually used in these types of products don’t change the actual genetic structure of your hair; they just help each strand be the best version of itself. With that in mind, I’ve rounded up a few of the best thickening shampoos and conditioners below for you to shop if you’d like to go that route. 

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