Democrats have raised more in Biden’s first 100 days than in either Obama’s or Trump’s

In a record-breaking fundraising endeavour, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) raised $15.4m in president Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office.

Comparatively, the committee was able to raise only $427,000 during Barack Obama’s first 100 days. And it was able to raise only $4.7m when Donald Trump took over in 2016.

The DNC also saw an increase of 60 per cent in the volume of donors who contributed during President Biden’s 100 days when compared with the first 100 days of Trump. The average donation, it said, was $23.

A senior spokesperson said in a statement that this increase demonstrates “strong enthusiasm for President Biden”.

Axios reported that last week saw the DNC’s top fundraising days during the Biden presidency so far, when the president addressed a joint session of Congress for the first time and when he campaigned in Georgia. 

The spokesperson said that during Mr Biden’s speech, donations came in from all 50 states. It said that the DNC raised six times more online from 8pm to 12am ET than it did the previous night, during the televised speech on Wednesday.

The spokesperson told Axios that organic online donations increased by 700 per cent the day after the speech.

DMC’s fundraising record comes a month after the party hired a slew of staffers to help the committee as it heads into the 2022 midterm cycle.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party said they had raised “$22m from contributions of under $200 from January to the end of March,” according to the Federal Election Commission.

In total, the RNC raised $44.4m in the first quarter of the year, a figure that the party said was “its best off-cycle quarter for digital fundraising”.

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