Chilling update in case of missing X-Factor star Levi Davis after his passport is found in worrying location

MISSING rugby player Levi Davis’ passport was found in Barcelona’s port area, police confirmed today.

Officers probing the 24-year-old’s disappearance had initially failed to offer any information about where his travel document was located after his worried mum Julie revealed it had turned up.

Levi Davis' passport was found in Barcelona's port area, cops confirmed


Levi Davis’ passport was found in Barcelona’s port area, cops confirmedCredit: Getty
The rugby ace was last seen leaving the Old Irish Pub just off Barcelona’s La Rambla on October 29


The rugby ace was last seen leaving the Old Irish Pub just off Barcelona’s La Rambla on October 29
The frantic search for the missing X Factor star continues over three weeks on


The frantic search for the missing X Factor star continues over three weeks onCredit: SUPPLIED

But a spokesman for the regional Mossos d’Esquadra force said today: “I can confirm it was found in Barcelona Port.

“I am not in a position to give out any more information on exactly where or when it was found.”

Ferries from Ibiza dock in the port area and it is known Levi took a boat from the holiday island hours before the last confirmed sighting of him on October 29 at the Old Irish Pub just off Barcelona’s La Rambla.

It was not immediately clear if his passport had been found near the ferry terminal or in another part of the port, the third largest container port in Spain.

Missing X Factor star's passport found by cops as bank not used for 3 weeks
'Two new sightings' of missing X-Factor star, 24, 'being probed by cops'

Spanish police said on Monday they were still probing “all options” including the possibility Levi’s disappearance is not voluntary.

Officers in Barcelona said he could have vanished for several reasons and stressed they would not say whether they believed he vanished willingly or as the result of a crime until they were sure either way.

In the force’s first public comments since it emerged Levi’s passport had been discovered, before details emerged on where it was found, a spokesman said: “At the moment this case is being investigated as a disappearance and a lot of work is still being done.

“We’re talking about a person who could have disappeared for many reasons.

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“They could include a voluntary disappearance or otherwise.

“We can’t link it to any criminal act at this stage and we wouldn’t until we were 100 per cent sure we are looking at a crime.

“All hypotheses are being looked at and are on the table.”

Julie Davis, who has also been told her son’s phone and bank accounts have still not been used since the last confirmed sighting, admitted at the weekend his family were becoming “increasingly concerned.”

Levi’s foster mum confirmed earlier this month the former Bath winger, who starred on the X-Factor in 2019, had mentioned a blackmail threat in a video posted on social media after making history in 2020 by becoming the first rugby union to come out as bisexual while still playing.

Susanne Balfour replied when asked by Sky News host Kay Burley if the blackmail was linked to Levi’s sexuality: “He might just be frightened, he did say in that video that his life was in danger.

“I don’t know whether he’s running from something, I just don’t know.”

Depressed Levi was taking a break in Europe after being sidelined from rugby following a knee injury.


He was picked up on CCTV leaving the Old Irish Pub near Barcelona’s La Rambla around 10pm on October 29, a few hours after taking a boat from Ibiza with just 40 euros and no change of clothes.

Ibiza-based friend Richard Squire, who formally reported him missing to cops in Barcelona after his family informed West Midlands police, described his decision to leave the island as “sudden.”

Police were informed recently about two potential but non-confirmed sightings, including one in a square near Barcelona’s La Boqueria Market just a six-minute walk from the pub Levi was seen leaving more than three weeks ago.

The other, last Monday, was in Placa Sant Agusti Vell or Old Saint Agustin Square in English – near to the city’s Arc de Triomf monument.

Levi’s mum referred to the potential sightings at the weekend as she said of the passport find: “’This is a very worrying development because you cannot do anything in Barcelona without a passport.

“Besides travel, you cannot book into a hotel or even rent somewhere without one. We know that his phone and two bank accounts have been untouched since he disappeared and so this is another blow.

She told Mail Online: “We remain hopeful but there have been no confirmed reports of Levi since the day he disappeared on October 29 and we are becoming increasingly concerned.

“We’re very grateful to the police, particularly the Mossos D’Esquadra, and the British Consulate who are working very hard to find Levi.

“This is the worst feeling in the world not knowing where Levi is. We just hope he is okay and want him home as soon as possible.”

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Levi, who appeared on X Factor: Celebrity and Celebs Go Dating, was born in Birmingham, and has recently been turning out for Worthing Raiders.

He appeared on ITV’s talent show alongside rugby pals Ben Foden and Thom Evans in a singing group called Try Star.

Spanish police said they are investigating 'all options' as to why he may have vanished


Spanish police said they are investigating ‘all options’ as to why he may have vanishedCredit: Rex
The 24-year-old's family are desperate for answers


The 24-year-old’s family are desperate for answersCredit: Getty

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