Biniyam Shibre Custody Case: Can He Finally See His Firstborn?

As 90 Day Fiance viewers watched this summer, Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre married late last year.

This tumultuous, often troubled relationship has taken fans on a wild ride.

But long before Bini met Ari, he impregnated and married a different American woman. For years, he expressed a desire to reconnect with his firstborn son.

Now, there is a major update to Biniyam’s custody situation.

In late 2021, Biniyam Shibre filed for joint custody of his eldest son.

Biniyam and a woman named Bria had a very similar story to what he shared with Ariela.

An adventurous American tourist ended up pregnant by Biniyam. They welcomed Simon in 2017.

Biniyam Shibre Wedding Video Shows Marriage to FIRST Wife, Bria!Biniyam Shibre Wedding Video Shows Marriage to FIRST Wife, Bria!

They even had an American wedding. Bria’s family had to pull some strings to get Bini his visa.

Then it all fell apart. Bini ultimately ended up returning to Ethiopia, and went years without seeing Simon. Much of the context remains unclear.

From what little we know of their split, Bria is one of multiple women to have accused Bini of cheating.

Biniyam explained that his sisters suggested that Ariela could just sign green card documents even if they’re not still together so that he can stay in the United States. It’s an awkward thing to say at all, even if it’s not his actual plan. It’s even more awkward to say on international television. Ariela’s family’s discomfort is palpable.

Eventually, both Biniyam and Bria, his ex-wife, filed a joint motion to seal the records of the custody case.

Bini is a public figure through his role on 90 Day Fiance. Of course people would be interest.

On August 16, the court ordered restricted access to their records. But individual docket entries remain public knowledge.

However, Starcasm reports that Biniyam and Bria seem to have now reached a settlement.

This did not come easily, however.

Through August and October, the court had issued a protective order. There were also multiple responses to discovery.

Without access to court records, none of us know exactly what the protective order or discovery filing were about.

But on October 29, the court ordered the filing of child support guidelines.

Biniyam complied, filing a child support guidelines worksheet on October 31.

They hope that they can effectively “start over” together. As Ari’s parents touched upon, things will be so different here, as Bini is surrounded by Ari’s culture instead of the other way around. However, Ariela worries that some of the problems that have plagued their relationship could follow them to New Jersey. Only time will tell.

The case has come to an end with a simple docket entry stating “other decree.”

The date stamp on that is November 2, 2022.

Obviously, we do not know any details. But unless something went very awry, Biniyam now has legal visitation with his son, Simon.

We have no idea what much of this situation will end up looking like.

Biniyam has not really been part of Simon’s life. And, despite his vocal protestations on camera, not all 90 Day Fiance fans seem convinced that Bini is a victim.

Why did he and Bria split? Whose decisions kept father and son apart for years? And why has Bini sat back and let Ariela air so much about her past while he has been evasive, at best, about his own?

Biniyam Shibre poses under holy waterBiniyam Shibre poses under holy water

We get it. Biniyam is a soft-spoken guy. He’s a total smokeshow — enough to impregnate two American tourists in a row. A lot of viewers find him likeable.

But a lot of the things that he has said only lead to further questions. And he has not answered those in a public forum.

Presumably, Bini and Bria explained themselves to the court. We hope that, however they resolved this custody matter, it is in Simon’s best interests.

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