Amber Portwood Suffers Instagram Meltdown: I’m Not on Drugs! I’m Just Mentally Ill!

Amber Portwood has never been one to hold back her true emotions.

In fact, she spends a good deal of her life making sure that the entire world knows exactly how she feels about everything.

There’s sharing and then there’s oversharing, and if you look for the latter in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of Amber screaming at a bunch of strangers during an ill-advided Instagram Live session.

And in case you’ve forgotten what Amber’s online tirades are like, fear not, because she dropped a doozy of a tantrum on Monday.

And yes, she was aware that it was World Mental Health Day.

Ironically, that’s one of the things she was so pissed off about!

As The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports, Amber went on Live over the weekend with the inention of sharing her thoghts on this day in which Americans are encouraged to share their thoughts about mental health, offer support to others, and about both their progress and their setbacks.

Normally, fans would see something like this on Amber’s page and click on it expecting to see a sh-tshow.

But things been on the upswing for Ms. Portwood in recent weeks, and perhaps her followers were hoping that these recent successes would bring about  more positive outlook in the Teen Mom OG star.

First, Amber was accepted to Purdue University, where plans to study — you guessed it! — psychology.

Shortly thereafter fans learned that Portwood would be coming out as bisexual to her mother in a special episode of TMOG.

So has either of those developments made her a more kind and compassiontate person?

We think you know the answer to that:

“every time I have to see that somebody that has the same mental illness as me just killed themselves or hung themselves or shot themselves in their motherf–king heads! So f–k you, get the f–k off my Live and happy f–king Mental Health Day!”

in the majority of those cases probaly had more to do with the disorder itself rather than any bulling it might have csused, but we think we see her point.

“Get the f–k outta here, you stupid f–king idiots! You sit there and think you’re so f–king hard? You’re not hard,” Portwood continued.

From there, Amber talked about the new project she’s been working on, which may or may not be the Teen Mom spinoff, but that is definitely something that makes her very, very angry.

“I came on here to say it’s an amazing day, you guys. I just got here from the hotel, I was working for literally almost a month and a half straight…literally from morning to 1 o’clock at night, working on projects. It’s been absolutely crazy,” Amber said.

Not surprisingly, around that time, some allegations of drug use popped up in the commemts, and Amber had this to say:

“I’m not high on pills. Oh, God, here we go…the bullying and the nasty crap people say… You’re saying I’m high on pills, I’m talking to you right now.

“Am I nodding out? No…my pupils are big because I’m on medication. Are you guys stupid? Does anybody know about mental health!? Hello! Are you f–king dumb?

“Let me be the real one with mental health today, you guys are jackasses. We have to take medications so we are feeling OK sometimes. We are not high!”

At that point, the conversation turned to Amber’s strained relationship with her daughter, Leah, and the reality star encouraged viewers to stop feeling sympathy for the 12-year-old:

“You can say poor Leah all you want,” Amber said.

“Leah’s perfectly f–king fine…no, I’m not angry! If I was angry you would f–king know!”

From there, Amber turned her attention to her “haters” — whom she accused of “show[ing] your t-ts and ass for money on Instagram”), and she certainl didn’t hold back:

“Do you know how hard it is to be on a television show with mental illnesses?! Having everybody in your f–king business. Honestly, could you do it?

“No, because it’s super f–king hard!”

“Literally, [I have] four mental illnesses and on a show for 13 years, but you guys want to sit here and attack people 24/7. You think you’re f–king hard, you think you’re bad, well, you’re not, I don’t give a s–t about you…I don’t care what the media writes because half of it is bulls–t anyway!”

“You aren’t some sort of bad f–king bitch! You aren’t a f–king hero! I’m more of a bitch than you will ever f–king be!”

“Are you guys forgetting who you’re f**king talking to?!…Learn how to be a real man or real woman and then you can talk to me, because I don’t deal with fake ass, petty ass, nasty people! That’s all you guys are! We don’t want your energy, especially not today. This is a good day!” 

Discussing her plans for the future, Amber assured her few remaining fans that she’ll continue making much more money than they do.

“I’m gonna keep doing what I’ve been doing for 13 years, making double your f**king money!” she screamed.

“You guys just think about your God-damned selves— excuse me, God–you don’t do anything. You don’t f**king try to help anybody.”

She concluded by reminding everyone that there’s np room for bullying or abusive behavior on World Mental Health Day. Seriously …

“I wanted to get on here because I want to show some inspiration to people with mental health disorders and I can’t because I can only sit here and see nothing but negative things [in the Live comments],” she said.

“It’s like, I’m always told to not say anything about it…but in real life that’s not me. If I don’t say anything about people people being bullies, then who am I? I’m not be authentic.”

Yes, we’d hate to see anyone berate others who might be suffering on World Mental Health Day.

This has been your weekly reminder that Amber really is just the absolute worst.

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